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  • Jack: You don't own love. Love owns you.

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  • Quotes
    • Jack
      • Jack: You don't own love. Love owns you.
      • Jack: People think that Hell is fire and brimstone and the Devil poking you in the butt with a pitchfork, but it's not. Hell is when you should have walked away, but you didn't.
    • Jack & Mona
      • Jack: So you're the big hoodlum? Personally, I don't see it.
        Mona: Keep lookin'.
    • Mona
      • Mona: He loves those toes, doesn't he?
      • Mona: I'm not asking you to kill him; I'm asking you to bury him. If he dies in the process, that's his problem.
      • Mona: What did I die of?
      • Mona: With, or without?
      • Mona: You can dig one grave, or you can dig two.
    • Sheri & Jack
      • Sheri: You know what the best part about making it with a cop is?
        Jack: No.
        Sheri: You got two guns. One for me and one for them.

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