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1992 Film

Real dates. Fictional events.

Fictional business and products... and more

  • Trivia
    • What is the name of the Chinese girl that Joe is trying to remember in the diner?
      •  Lee Chen
         Toby Wong
         Sum Yung

    • How many times does Mr. Pink want his coffee refilled?
      •  6

    • Who doesn't believe in tipping ?
      •  Mr. Pink
         Mr. Brown

    • What fake Quentin Tarantino business later seen in Pulp Fiction is advertised on the radio?
      •  Red Apple Cigarettes
         Jackrabbit Slim's
         Big Kahuna Burger

    • What famous director does Quentin Tarantino thank in the credits?
      •  Terry Gilliam
         Joe Dante
         Stanley Kubrick

    • Mr. White's real name. (Deleted scene: Background Check)
      •  Larry

    • What Madonna song does Mr. Brown explain in the diner?
      •  Like a Prayer
         Like a Virgin

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