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PSYCHO 1960 Film

Real dates. Fictional events.

Fictional business and products... and more
  • Banks
    • Bank of Phoenix
      • Marion's bank - seen on her bank statement in her hotel room.
  • Car Dealerships
    • California Charlie's Used Cars
      • Marion trades in her old car for a new one using the money she stole. The car dealership was actually Harry Maher's used car lot near Universal Studios.
  • Hardware Stores
    • Sam Loomis Hardware
      • Marion's boyfriend Sam's hardware store in Fairvale.
  • Lodging-Motels
    • Bates Motel
      • Motel owned and operated by Norman Bates, a deeply disturbed young man who became so haunted by the spirit of his deceased mother that he created a split personality of her that occasionally kills people.
      • The Bates house was based on Edward Hopper's 1925 oil painting "House by the Railroad".
  • Music Stores
    • Music Makers
      • Music store where Marion's sister Lila works.
  • Private Detective Services
    • Milton Arbogast
      • Private investigator that Marion's sister Lila hires.
  • Realty Services
    • Lowery's Real Estate Office
      • Real estate office where Marion works in Phoenix, and steals $40,000.
  • Religious Organizations
    • Fairvale Church
      • Church in Fairvale, same town as Sam's hardware store.
  • Tobacco Products
    • Morley Cigarettes
      • Dr. Fred Richman smokes Morley Cigarettes.
  • TV Stations
    • KTVX
      • No description available
  • Trivia
    • What time is it when the movie begins?
    •  8:06 AM
       12 Noon
       2:43 PM

      • What does Marion Crane have to say about headaches?
      •  They're worse than barking dogs
         They're like resolutions - you forget them as soon as they stop hurting
         They're only fixed with Vodka

        • What's the date when the movie begins?
        •  December 11
           July 24
           October 16

          • Mr. Lowry returns late from lunch because he's meeting with the man who's buying which property?
          •  The Richardson House
             The Harris Property
             The Trinidad Place

            • Where does Sam live?
            •  Bakersfield, California
               Fairvale, California
               Phoenix, Arizona

              • In what Arizona city does Psycho begin?
              •  Phoenix

                • What day is it when the movie begins?
                •  Monday

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