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1995 TV Series

Fictional business and products... and more

  • Trivia
    • What is Bill's first name?
      •  E

    • What word on Bill's review did he refuse to let go?
      •  Adamant

    • When Matthew quits the station he gets a job at the coffee shop in the same building. What is the name of the frequent customer program there?
      •  Java Junkies Club
         Java Guzzlers Club
         Java Juicers Club

    • Where is WNYX on your AM dial?
      •  505

    • Dave gets a friend of his to impersonate what cartoonist?
      •  Charles Schultz
         Scott Adams
         Gary Larson

    • Jimmy James' nemesis, as well as Lisa's love interest and eventual husband.
      •  Billy Williamson
         Hank Henry
         Johnny Johnson

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