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APHEX TWIN 1985 Music

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  • Trivia
    • How old was James when he started making music?
    •  8

      • Aphex Twin is the stage name for whom?
      •  James David Richard
         David Richard James
         Richard David James

        • Which Aphex Twin album was created with robotic instruments including the Disklavier, a computer-controlled player piano?
        •  Drukqs
           Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments pt2

          • What is a windowlicker?
          •  A harlot
             A person who looks at crap they can't have through shop windows.
             A guy who likes the taste of windex

            • What composer created the orchestral version of the I Care Because You Do track "Icct Hedral" on the Donkey Rhubarb EP.
            •  John Williams
               Hans Zimmer
               Philip Glass

              • In 2007, James released two records on Rephlex under the alias "the Tuss", which is Cornish slang for what?
              •  Elephant

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