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Appearances of probably the most famous fictional company ever.

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  • Vehicle Models - Aircraft
    • OZME Rocket Surfer Kit
        • Farscape version of an ACME product, from Crichton's Looney Toons inspired hallucination, after being knocked unconscious during an altercation with D'Argo. D'Argo, in Wile E. Coyote's role, chasing after Crichton in the Road Runner's role, chases after him wearing an OZME branded surfboard strapped to a rocket. (Season 3 episode Revenging Angel)
  • Video Rental
  • Waste Management
    • ACNE Grease and Shovel
        • Grease guys that steal Homer and Bart's grease. Name inspired by the famous fictional ACME brand. (Season 10 episode Lard of the Dance)
  • Weapons
    • ACME Singing Sword
        • Box visible in the ACME warehouse that gets knocked over when a police detective demonstrates a toon retractable hammer weapon., Valiant later attempts to use one when he fights Judge Doom, but Frank Sinatra singing doesn't really help him.
  • Weapons-Explosives
    • ACME Bomb
        • Round, black bomb, made by the ACME Corporation that Valiant includes in his song and dance to distract the Toon Patrol weasels in the ACME warehouse.
        • Classic style black, round ACME bomb (Christmas episode Do You See What I See?)

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