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  • TV News
        • TV station with local news program, from various episode. News crew comes out to the Tanner house when ALF calls the consumer reports reporter about their TV not working (Season 1 episode Weird Science) Airing "Godzilla Week" (Season 2 episode Isn't It Romantic) Local news. (Season 2 episode Someone to Watch Over Me)
        • TV station with local news program that covers the events of the last disastrous night on Mayfield Place.
        • New record added 6/17/2022
        • News report on AIJ, a factory that closes, leaving 300 powered out of work.
        • Local news team at Miami Metro police press conference. (Season 2 episode The British Invasion)
        • TV station with local news program that reports on Jim Cunningham's arrest for child pornography.
        • TV station with local news. (Season 1 episode Rixty Minutes, Season 2 episode Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate)
        • Breaking news at the Dc National Mall. (Season 5 episode Rick & Morty's Thanksploitation Spectacular)
        • Local Springfield TV station featuring programs Springfield Action News and Smartline, from various episodes. (Season 1 episode Krusty Gets Busted, Season 2 episode Itchy & Scratchy & Marge)
        • Report on the Rescue Mission where Bart eats Thanksgiving dinner. (Season 2 episode Bart vs. Thanksgiving)
        • Reports on the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant meltdown, which, according to Mr. Burns, isn't so much a meltdown as an "unrequested fission surplus". (Season 3 episode Homer Defined)
        • "The last place an impressionable kid can go for TV violence." (Season 6 episode Lisa on Ice)
        • Bart and his friends sneak into the Springfield Drive-in to watch horror movie The Bloodening, previously advertised on Channel 6. (Season 10 episode Wild Barts Can't Be Broken)
        • Mr. Burns buys Channel 6 to change his image. "Still in English" Now "A Division of Burns Media" (Season 15 episode Fraudcast News)
        • A media circus surrounds Springfield Town Hall when Mayor Joe Quimby's sex scandal breaks and 27 different women file paternity suits against him. (Season 16 episode She Use to be My Girl)
        • News team outside the St. Louis quarantine zone. (Season 1 episode Respect Your Purpose) Charlotte's press conference. (Season 1 episode Talking Hurts)
        • TV station with local news program that reports on the incident at VICE.
  • TV Stations
    • Channel 6
        • Local TV station that reports on the crisis at St. Ambrose Hospital. (Season 4 episode The Great Leap Forward)
        • TV station that broadcasts Woody's debate when he runs for public office (Season 11 episode 21 Woody Gets an Election)
        • Local TV station, home of the Kelly and Carol Show (Season 8 episode Episode Mary Christmas)
        • TV channel featuring Stegosaurus South that Dr. Grant discovers in his hotel room at the Safari Lodge. Chapter: Jurassic Park.

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