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  • Quotes
    • Bob Foster
      • Bob Foster: You know, this game has one real advantage over selling people cars and TV sets. With something like this we have to buy. It isn't a luxury, something big and flashy to impress the neighbors, something we could do without. If we don't buy this we die. They always said the way to sell something was create anxiety in people. Create a sense of insecurity - tell them they smell bad or look funny. But this makes a joke out of deodorant and hair oil. You can't escape this. If you don't buy, they'll kill you. The perfect sales-pitch. Buy or die -- new slogan. Have a shiny new General Electronics H-bomb shelter in your back yard or be slaughtered.
    • The President & Bob Foster
      • The President: Here's your flag boys you've done a good job.

        Bob Foster: Is that all you brought us? A strip of green cloth?

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