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  • Quotes
    • Anek-23
      • Anek-23: Most actions have risks. Most inactions even more so. (Heaven's River)
    • Bob
      • Bob: Yeah, they still make duct tape. And it still holds the universe together. (We Are Legion / We Are Bob)
      • Bob: How are you supposed to feel if you are forced to do what you would have done anyway? (We Are Legion / We Are Bob)
      • Bob: In space no one can hear you curse. (Heaven's River)
      • Bob: Since I doubt, I think; since I think, I exist. (We Are Legion / We Are Bob)
      • Bob: Ix-nay with the Superman act, okay? (Heaven's River)
      • Bob: People's capacity for turning dogmatic stupidity into political movements never ceased to amaze me. We've knocked off 99.9% of the human race and somehow the crazies still manage to survive. It just defies the odds. (We Are Legion / We Are Bob)
      • Bob: This outcome deserves an expletive. (Heaven's River)
      • Bob: Belly laughs are one of the best things about being sentient, and you should never miss a chance for one. (We Are Legion / We Are Bob)
      • Bob: Fearless leader, my furry ass. (Heaven's River)
      • Bob: We turned the corner and my Spidey-sense went into overdrive. (Heaven's River)
      • Bob: It blew me away that almost two hundred years after Shatner first famously didn't actually say, "Beam me up, Scotty, people still knew Star Trek. Now that's a franchise. (We Are Legion / We Are Bob)
    • Dr. Gilligan
      • Dr. Gilligan: You'd think being dead would free you from the dictates of politics, but apparently it's even more inevitable than death or taxes. (Heaven's River)
    • Gandalf
      • Gandalf: Come on, Bill, what part of volunteer aren't you grokking? (Heaven's River)
    • Theresa
      • Theresa: You're a small man with a small, shriveled soul, Mr. whiplash. There is no bigger waste than a formal education given to someone incapable of using it. I have no doubt your whole life would disappear into your father's accomplishments without leaving a ripple. (Heaven's River)

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