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  • Architecture and Interior Design
    • Merrick Scott
      • Dan Merrick and Jeb Scott's Architectural firm.
  • Construction Companies
    • Cleveland Development
      • Company that Dan had a meeting with on January 2, 1990, according to an appointment in his daily planner.
  • Doctors
    • Dr. Berkus
      • After the accident, Judith wakes up to Dr. Berkus in Marin County Hospital.
  • Drugstores
    • Demo's Pharmacy
      • Gus Klein overhears a phone call from Laura at Demo's Pharmacy advising that Mr. Merrick's prescription is ready.
  • Hospitals
    • Marin County Hospital
      • Hospital where Dan and Judith Merrick are taken after the accident.
  • Lodging-Hotels
    • The Hacienda Hotel
      • The hotel up in Ross where Jenny tells Dan she saw Judith and Jack Stanton together.
  • Pet Stores
    • Klein's Animal House
      • Private Investigator Gus Klein's pet shop.
  • Private Detective Services
    • Gus Klein
      • Private Investigator that Dan hired before the accident to follow his wife Judith.

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