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What started out as the ultimate compendium of fake businesses and products now contains many new categories that don't fit the original description... but we just can't bring ourselves to change the name.
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  • Travel Services
    • The 828 Transport Beam
        • Mearth attends the Ork Prep School one day a month by riding the Orkan school bus.
    • AAa Royal Carribean Expeedia AfterTravel
        • Nathan's mother takes him Heaven shopping. "Virtual Worlds ' VR Holiday Resorts", "The best in digital life extensions" (Season 1 episode Shopping Other Digital After-Lives) Locatednext door to the Horizen customer service center. "Virtual worlds VR holiday resorts” (Season 2 episode Family Day)
    • Antarctica Traffic Control
        • The crew of the Nostromo attempt to contact Antarctica Traffic Control after being awakened.
    • Go Far Travel
        • When Joe walks by the Go Far Travel travel agency in the trailer, there's a poster that reads, "Visit Portorosso" over what appears to be an Italian seaside town. The poster also reads, "Fly Luca Airlines".
    • Interplanetary Expeditions
        • Archeologist Dr. Hendricks and his assistant arrive on the station from their archeological dig on the dead world of Ikarra 7, sponsored by Interplanetary Expeditions, where they found organic technology from an ancient alien race. (Season 1 episode Infection)
    • Island Travel
        • Travel service advertised on The Miami Tribute website. (Season 3 episode The Damage a Man Can Do)
    • Pod Way
        • Company that Shaw and Stone invest in to create safe convenient cost effective mass transit.
    • Springfield Death Tour
        • Otto finds a new use for his school us after Homer and Marge, also known as H-Diddy and his Murder Hoe, are arrested for murder. (Season 13 The Frying Game)

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