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What started out as the ultimate compendium of fake businesses and products now contains many new categories that don't fit the original description... but we just can't bring ourselves to change the name.
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  • TV Shows-Documentary
    • A-Train to Africa
        • A-Train pitches "A-Train to Africa" to Ashley, a 15-part limited docu-series on Vought Soul that traces his family's journey from the plains of Africa all the way to Vought Tower. (Season 3 episode The Only Man in the Sky) Ashley and A-Train watch a promo. (Season 3 episode Herogasm)
    • Alien Visitation
        • Documentary TV show hosted by R. Wilson Monroe, airing Crichton's nephew Bobby Coleman's interviews with his alien friends, and commentary from a variety of experts. (Season 4 episode A Constellation of Doubt)
    • American Hero Story
        • TV show featuring the story of the masked vigilante group known as the Minutemen. (Season 1 episode It's Summer and We're Running Out of Ice)
    • American Profiles
        • TV news show featuring segment on Hilltech Industries, a high tech hillbilly company and CEO Billy Bob Hoyt (Episode A Few Good Scouts)
    • Behind the Laughter
        • Documentary featuring the story of the Simpsons. It is revealed that Fox came up with an endless supply of clever slogans for T-Shirts, including: "Good Grief, Man", "Life Begins at Conception, Man" and "You Bet Your Sweet Bippy, Man". (Season 11 episode Behind the Laughter)
    • Music Chronicles
        • Documentary TV show from the Danger Kitty television commercial, the equivalent of the Behind the Music show on VH1.
    • Nickelodeon: Behind the Slime
        • Documentary about the green goo from kids You Can't Do That on Television. (2/26/2022 Host John Mulaney - Nickelodeon Show)
    • The Office: An American Workplace
        • TV documentary. "Ten years in the making, a look at the lives and lives of an average American small business office." (Season 9 episode Moving On)

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