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What started out as the ultimate compendium of fake businesses and products now contains many new categories that don't fit the original description... but we just can't bring ourselves to change the name.
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  • Security Products
    • Bombproof Radiation-sealed Subsurface Shelter, Model S-72ft
        • The new 1972 model includes these star-studded features: automatic descent-lift (jam-proof, self-powered, e-z locking), triple-layer hull guaranteed to withstand 5g pressure without buckling, a powered heating and refrigeration system (self-servicing air-purification network), three decontamination stages for food and water, four hygienic stages for pre-burn exposure, complete antibiotic processing, and an e-z payment plan. Cost: $20,000.
    • Carbondale Safe & Lock Co.
        • Made from the same steel as the Titanic.
    • Cerebral Interrogatory Enclosure
        • High tech prison cells at the Hibernity Facility. Also known as C.I.E.
    • Citizen Chip
        • Government required ID in the future, embedded in your skin. Extraction renders your birth and citizenship null and void. "A good idea once but now being abused by the corporate congress and people are wise to the scam that they unwittingly became a part of in the name of convenience." (episode Minute of Silence)
    • Der Götterdämmerung
        • Safe designed by Hans Wagner, a wonderful work of art, name for the final chapter in his namesake Richard Wagner's epic opera Der Ring des Nibelungen.
    • Electro Blood-hound Burglar System
        • Security system Steve installs in his new apartment to protect his Raffles secret.
    • Electro-Pass
        • An electrical device that synchronizes with the alarm system a female resident of The Village gives Number Six in the episode Arrival.
    • La Porta
        • Harry finds a La Porta safe in his office that leads to Bull’s locker. (Season 9 episode P.S. Do I Know You?)
    • Laporta Safe Company
        • Harry plans to escape from a safe during his Halloween party - but he gets locked in early. He follows instructions in the book “The Finest in Magic: Secrets of the Great Houdini”. The safe is made by the Laporta Safe Company. (Season 5 episode Safe)
    • Little Brother Surveillance System
        • System used by gas station where Lenore was abducted by the Russians.
    • MagnaVolt
        • The final word in auto security. No embarrassing alarm noise. No need to trouble the police. And it won't even run down your battery.
    • Peacekeeper Control Collar
        • Technology Peacekeepers use to prevent Leviathans from disobeying orders. (Pilot episode)
    • Ronco Record Vault
        • Safe specifically designed to hold records. Fry used it to hold his records and Seven Leaf Clover. (episode The Luck of the Fryish)
    • SecureFoam
        • Technology in Spartan's police car in the future - when he crashes into the police station at the end, the entire car fills up with white foam to protect him.
    • Swanson Safe Company
        • Safe brand from multiple episodes. Jason dies in one trying to rob a restaurant (Season 1 episode 11 What's My Motivation). Tahani keeps her money in one (Season 3 episode Jeremy Bearimy).
    • Traeger Safe Company
        • The safe at the Montreal Customs House that hold the priceless French sceptre.
    • Triton 5000 Sonic Security System
        • Security system in Robin Colcord's apartment that Rebecca triggers. It has an internal laser beam motion detector (Season 8 episode 10 The Art of the Steal)
    • Viper Defense System
        • Anti missile array being tested by Global Dynamics (Season 3 episode Bad to the Drone)
    • Wershler Konig Safe Works
        • Brand name on safe in Zhao Long Ji's safe room.
    • The Withstandinator
        • Bomb shelter for sale at the Military Antiques store. "It can take a six megaton blast, no more, no less."(Season 9 episode Treehouse of Horror VIII - segment The HΩmega Man)

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