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What started out as the ultimate compendium of fake businesses and products now contains many new categories that don't fit the original description... but we just can't bring ourselves to change the name.
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  • Schools-Medical
    • Amherst Medical College
        • College where Dr. Elizabeth Perkins is a faculty member. (Season 5 episode Let the Children & the Childbearers Toil)
    • Bryce-Watkins Medical University
        • Gilbert Ward Kane attended but did not graduate from Bryce-Watkins Medical University.
    • Edward Koch School of Medicine
        • Ben and Grace take Cal in for tests and then his oncologist tells them about a promising new treatment option. Later, Saanvi is welcomed back to work and learns that her research is now helping children. Filmed at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. (Season 1 episode Pilot)
    • Greendale Community Hospital School
        • As part of a virtual simulation, Abed creates a fake school full of sexy doctors called Greendale Hospital School. (Season 3 episode Virtual Systems Analysis)
    • Guadalajara Medical School
        • Charlie tells Alan that if he hadn't gotten into jingle writing, he would have ended up playing faculty mixers at the Guadalajara Medical School. (Season 1 episode Sara Like Puny Alan)
    • Ilium School of Optometry
        • Billy had committed himself in the middle of his final year at the Ilium School of Optometry. Nobody else suspected that he was going crazy. Everybody else thought he looked fine and was acting fine. Now he was in the hospital. The doctors agreed: He was going crazy.
    • Marilyn Monroe School of Medicine
        • The big jeweled arm muscles of Brandy sit me down in the seat still hot from her ass, and she holds the compact so I can see inside. Instead of face powder, it's full of white capsules. Where there should be a mirror, there's a close up photo of Brandy Alexander smiling and looking terrific. "They're Vicodins, dear," she says. "It's the Marilyn Monroe school of medicine where enough of any drug will cure any disease." She says, "Dig in. Help yourself."
    • New Mexico College of Space Medicine
        • College where Dr. John Robinson's wife Dr. Maureen Robinson was a biochemist. (Pilot episode No Place to Hide)
    • Starfleet Medical Academy
        • Bashir informs Miles that he was captain of the racquetball team at Starfleet Medical Academy, and that they took the sector championships in his final year. (Season 2 episode Rivals) Lwaxana Troi mentions to one of Odo's security officers: "Didn't they teach you any manners at Starfleet Academy?" (Season 3 episode Fascination)
    • University of Xenara Medical School
        • Alara's parents' neighbor Floratta's son Galdus is an associate professor. (Season 2 episode Home)
    • Yeshiva Med School
        • Boyle's undercover identity for Santiago's undercover prison operation is Jewish doctor Dr. Schwartz went to Yeshiva Med School. (Season 3 episode Bureau)

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