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What started out as the ultimate compendium of fake businesses and products now contains many new categories that don't fit the original description... but we just can't bring ourselves the change the name.
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  • Restaurants-French
    • Chez Chez La Rue
        • French restaurant that refuses to provide food for the Pawnee Commons benefit. (Season 5 episode Emergency Response)
    • Chez Dominique
        • While Gustave is on the phone waiting for the Excelsior Hotel after escaping from prison, he asks Zero: "How does one secure a corner table at Chez Dominique on a Thursday?"
    • Chez Du Mont
        • Restaurant Niles mentions that has the most delectable Hudson Valley foie gras. (Season 8 episode Episode Mary Christmas)
    • Chez Fujimoto
        • Wonderful little French-Japanese restaurant - very chic, dark, romantic - that Diane and Frasier discover (Season 3 episode 10 Diane's Allergy)
    • Chez Henri
        • Restaurant from multiple episodes (burns down in Season 7 episode RDWRER, reopens in Season 7 episode The Great Crane Robbery)
        • Restaurant where White Jeff / Black Jeff takes his girlfriend. (Season 1 episode Das Negros)
    • Chez Paree
        • Fancy restaurant where Homer makes dinner reservations after Marge calls KBBL therapist Dr. Marvin Monroe and complains about how he goes by appreciate her on the air. (Season 1 episode Some Enchanted Evening)
        • Guess Frasier makes when Niles tells him that he's taking him to a fantastic new restaurant. Niles is actually referring to fast food burger joint Burger Burger Burger (Season 11 episode Miss Right Now)
    • Chez Pay-Up-the-Wazoo
        • Nickname Brian gives to the French restaurant that Casey pick for their first official date (Season 7 episode She's Gotta Have It)
    • Chez Pierre
        • Marge tells her sisters that she and Homer had a lovely dining experience at Chez Pierre when they discuss options for her birthday dinner. (Season 1 episode Life on the Fast Lane)
    • Chez Shea
        • Fraiser and Niles argue over which restaurant to go to - Peris or Chez Shea (Season 3 episode Shrink Rap)
    • La Chanteuse
        • Restaurant that Frasier and Niles' socialist friend Susan mentions (Season 6 episode Hot Ticket)
    • La Maison
        • Where Roy suggests he and Joe take Lowell to wine him and dine him and make him forget about the raise he wants (Season 4 episode Labor Pains). Helen tries to get a reservation at an expensive restaurant (Season 5 episode A Black Eye Affair).
    • La Maison Des La Voide
        • Restaurant that just opened in the valley where you eat in the dark that Britt invites Lenore to.
    • La Trouvaille
        • Boston restaurant Brian mentions (Season 4 episode The Key to Alex)
    • Le Parisien
        • Restaurant from the scene when time traveling cowboy Joe Caswell stumbled down the busy New York City street. (episode Execution)
    • Le Petit Fleur
        • Most romantic restaurant in Metropolis, according to Lex Luthor, which Clark wants to know so that he can helps arguing parents. (Season 2 episode Insurgence)
    • Les Frères Heureux
        • Frasier and Niles' restaurant. Originally Fraiser wanted to call it Maison Crane. Translates as "The Happy Brothers" (Season 2 episode The Innkeepers)
    • L'Escalier
        • Restaurant from multiple episodes (Season 5 episode Frasier's Imaginary Friend, Season 5 episode Desperately Seeking Closure)
    • L'Espalier
        • Restaurant where Niles makes dinner reservations (Season 9 episode Cheerful Goodbyes)
    • L'espèce D'andouille
        • The name of the restaurant in which Quagmire and Brain blow it with their dates is called, which translates to: Dumbass. (Season 9 episode 14)
    • Petit Auberge
        • Restaurant Frasier mentions the his new gym teacher girlfriend Chelsea is imagining him as the girl from her gym class (Season 10 episode Trophy Girlfriend)
    • The Petit Bistro
        • Frasier stands up a lunch date - Tricia, a woman he wants to get to know, but things keep happening to prevent him from seeing her (Season 5 episode Party Party)
    • Pied De Cochon
        • Restaurant in Paris from the story of how Oliver and Barbara got their Baccarat glassware.
    • The snotterie
        • Fancy restaurant where Moe takes his date the Simpsons spin-off TV show The Love-Matic Grampa. (Season 8 episode Simpsons' Spin-Off Showcase)

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