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What started out as the ultimate compendium of fake businesses and products now contains many new categories that don't fit the original description... but we just can't bring ourselves to change the name.
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  • Resorts
    • Alpine Ski House
        • A fictional company in the documentation and training material for Microsoft products.
    • Club Moe
        • Fictional resort from Moe's pickup line he says to woman asking about his waitress job - fringe benefits include an unforgettable weekend at Club Moe. (Season 3 episode Flaming Moe's)
    • Deer Summit
        • Ski Lodge where Oscar and June go skiing - and Oscar dies. (Season 1 episode Together Forever)
    • The Fortuna Resort
        • Property involved in previous business deal, mentioned during Victor and his old "friend" Dante's conversation (Season 3 episode 3 TEOTWAWKI)
    • Hedonism
        • Resort Kevin recommends to Jim. Kevin: "You should go to Hedonism. It's like Club Med, but everything is naked."(Season 2 episode Dwight's speech)
    • King Resorts
        • Dan goes up against billionaire Jordan King by buying up swampland that King intends to use for his next development initiative The New Jersey Project. When Dan demands too much money, King decides to go with The Delaware Project instead, leaving Dan with worthless swamp land. (Season 7 episode If I Were a Rich Man)
    • Marion Springs Resort
        • Resort mentioned at the end, where Marcus will be while Mike watches the baby.
    • Mountain View Resorts
        • The name of the company that bought the Overlook Hotel from the California group that Jack reads about while digging through the newspapers and the scrapbook he finds in the basement of the Overlook Hotel.
    • Oahu Paradise Resort
        • Mentioned during the awards ceremony at the high school reunion in a deleted scene from the movie on the DVD.
    • Palazzo D'Caca
        • Hotel and resort in Rome. The entire hotel is biodegradable and made from reclaimed human waste.
    • Palm Springfield Resort
        • Fancy hotel in Springfield where Marge and Homer stay after Marge's gym becomes successful. "Welcome Lady Businessladies”. (Season 19 episode Husbands and Knives)
    • Papen Lighthouse Resort and Day Spa
        • Resort development project (Season 2 episode 9: "The Legend of Merle McQuoddy")
    • Royal Palms Resort
        • Luxurious five-star hotel on Banoi Island used for illegal activities including money laundering.
    • Space Tahoe
        • Ski resort for Changeformers - the Rick and Morty version of Transformers - that Rick's Space Cruiser proceed to destroy. (Season 5 episode Amortycan Grickfitti)
    • Stone Mountain Ski Resort
        • Wilma and Betty follow their husbands to the Lodge convention at Stone Mountain Ski Resort, where jewel thieves have mistaken Barney for their contact. (Episode Here's Snow in Your Eyes)
    • Triple Tree Resort
        • Hotel Homer mentions when Marge decides the family is going to Scottsdale so she can tell Gil off for staying with them for so long. (Season 18 episode Kill Gil, Volumes I & II)

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