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What started out as the ultimate compendium of fake businesses and products now contains many new categories that don't fit the original description... but we just can't bring ourselves to change the name.
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  • Private Clubs
    • The Balboa Yacht Club
        • Country club from multiple episodes, starting with a protest by homosexuals during George Bluth Sr.'s retirement party (Season 1)
    • Bombay Yacht Club
        • Club in Mumbai where the protagonist meets with contact Neil, to get him into arms dealer Sanjay Singh's house.
    • Capital Country Club
        • Where Xander steals a Corvette from a congressman.
    • Deer Creek Country Club
        • Location for the rehearsal dinner.
    • The Empire Club
        • Private club where both Frasier and Niles want desperately to members (Season 2 episode The Club)
    • Evermore Country Club
        • Regular customers at the Evermore Country Club where Lazlo include Eleanor "Ellie" Winston and her two grandkids, young teenage couple Bud and Lindsey and Bud's younger brother Ned, middle aged women the Hooper sisters, and fourteen year-old Erica Jimenez.
    • The Explorers Club
        • Established Major-General Robert Clive, First Baron Clive, KB. MDCCLIL. "Members exclusively." (Season 1 episode Night Work)
    • Gold Medallion Club
        • Lisa sneaks into the Gold Medallion Club at the Miami Airport while Bart hacks into the computer to find out where Homer and Marge went. (Season 15 episode Catch 'Em if You Can)
    • Haven Hunt Club
        • Social club mentioned in newspaper article during the show's opening credits. Location of several of the stuffed animals that come back to life in season 1 episode 6 Fur. Seen on a take-out flier on Nathan's doorstep in Season 4 episode 10 The Trouble with Troubles.
    • Haven Yacht Club
        • Located on the corner of McCausland and Poplar, site of car accident near beginning of Season 2 episode 1 Tale of Two Audreys.
    • Imperial Point Beach Club
        • Beach club near the TelAmeriCorp time share condo. (Season 7 episode Monstalibooyah)
    • King Kamehameha Beach Club
        • Magnum's friend Rick's plush, beachside club, which has exclusive membership.
    • Landis Country Club
        • Site of the UFO Friday event, advertised on one of the bulletin boards on the Santa Carla Beach Boardwalk, mostly covered with missing people posters.
    • Lone Star Beach Club
        • Dan used to be life guard. (Season 9 episode Opportunity Knock-Knocks Part 1)
    • Los Campos de Oro Golf Club
        • Abandoned golf club in Sonny's subdivision.
    • The Manhattan Club
        • Exclusive club that Jake and Gina sneak into in order to meet the actor that played A.J. Slater on Saved by the Bell. (Season 6 episode Four Movements)
    • The Marina Sailing Club
        • Chuck Noland's sailing certification certificate.

    • Millionaires Club
        • Private club at the top of the Springfield Trade Center where Mr. Burns dines. (Season 3 episode Homer at the Bat)
    • Mockingbird Heights Country Club
        • Episode Country Club Munster. The Munsters win a membership to the highly exclusive Mockingbird Heights Country Club.
    • Orange Park Acres Tennis Club
        • Tennis club hosting a bachelor Auction featuring Chad and tennis great John McEnroe. (Sketch Bachelor Auction)
    • Pinecrest Country Club
        • Location of the Cam Brady Civility Brunch, welcoming Marty Huggins.
    • The Racquets Club
        • Where Stanwyck says his wife will be when Fletch comes to murder him.
    • The Rossmont Clubhouse
        • Country club where Jessica Jones tracks down Justis Ambrose. (Season 2 episode AKA FaceTime)
    • Sarasota Heights Country Club
        • Where Donnie wakes up one morning, also where Jim Cunningham is arrested for child pornography after Donnie sets his house on fire.
    • Springfield Country Club
        • Principal Skinner claims he spent his summer as the maî·tre d at the Springfield Country Club. Jimbo says his dad told him he was actually a busboy. (Season 14 episode I'm Spelling as Fast as I Can)
    • Springfield Glen Country Club
        • Country club where Marge takes the family on an invitation from her rich friend from high school. "Proud home of the Tippling Gadabout" (Season 7 episode Scenes from the Class Struggle in Springfield)
    • Springfield Press Club
        • Lisa eats dinner with Marge's old friend from high school Chloe Talbot. "We have a liberal bias... toward great meal deals!" (Season 16 episode She Use to be My Girl)
    • The Stoic Club
        • Also known as The Lazy Cowpoke Stop'n Go. Private club in Summers whose members stare at a rock believed to be magical and philosophize.
    • Tom's Smokehouse
        • Joke Leslie makes to make Tom feel better - Pawnee's newest and most exclusive cigar club. (Season 5 episode How a Bill Becomes a Law)
    • Union Club
        • Frasier, Niles and Lilith attend a reception at The Union Club (Season 5 episode Room Service)
    • The Windjammer Club
        • Yacht club that Jerry wants to join. Send them $6,000 and they’ll send you your button. (Season 5 episode Love is the Blindest)

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