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What started out as the ultimate compendium of fake businesses and products now contains many new categories that don't fit the original description... but we just can't bring ourselves to change the name.
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  • Plumbing Services
    • Adam and Sons
        • Plumbing company Roy meets with at the beginning of the movie.
    • Duffy Plumbing Supply
        • The name on the van in the parking lot when Andy and Wally review video tape footage from the "Nixon" camera. Front company for the Russians.
    • Falkore Plumbing
        • Name on the van during the diamond heist. DVD Bonus Features include a short ad for the company and their "Patented Pipe Dragon technology" that "provides you with the country's biggest and longest snakes." 1-800-FAL-KORE.
    • Finnell Plumbing
        • Business name on one of the neighbor's Chevrolet Astro Van. The Finnells are not seen until the end of the movie, but they live in the house between Walter and the Rumsfields.Reference to producer Michael Finnell.
    • Hennigan's Plumbing Supply
        • One defendant was arrested breaking into Hennigan's Plumbing Supply warehouse. (Season 5 episode Another Day in the Life)
    • J&F Plumbing
        • Garcia Flynn kills a plumber and assumes his identity to gain access to Lockman Aerospace. (Season 1 episode Space Race)
    • Katz & Sons Plumbing
        • Michael finds a memorial for Charlotte's father Dale Warwick posted to a plumbing website after he commits suicide. "Dale Warwick: A Friend Remembered" (Season 1 episode Respect Your Purpose)
    • Kresson Plumbing
        • Van in White Castle parking lot that pulls out to reveal Harold's car at the end, which turns out to be in pretty good condition aside from a few NPH sticky stains in the backseat.
    • Laying the Pipe Plumbing
        • New record added 8/14/2022
        • Project Butterfly undercover van. (Season 1 episode Monkey Dory)
    • Leo's Sludge and Septic
        • The sponsor of Phantom of the Oprah play (Season 4 episode The Gift)
    • Oh-Kay Plumbing
        • Company van that Harry and Marv transport themselves around in.
    • Pete's Plumbing & Piping
        • Business name on van in the background on the same street at the pet store (Episode Couples)
    • Pete's Plumbing and Piping
        • No description available
    • Pinkus Plumbing Company
        • One of Alvy's former classmates will one day become the president of the Pinkus Plumbing Company.
    • Plumbing Supplies
        • Generic company name on plumbing supply van in the compound where Jack's daughter Kim and wife Teri are held. (Season 1 episode 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM)
    • Rocco & Family Plumbing
        • Plumbing van that Five steals and drives to Meritech Prosthetics. "Drain & Toilet Specialists”, "Residential & Commercial”, "24-Hour Emergency Service” (Season 1 episode Extra Ordinary) Items on The Handler's table include a container of Bear Sandpaper Refill Rolls, a can of gold Nu-Shol Spra Paint and a bag with a part from Rocco & Family Plumbing. (Season 2 episode Valhalla)
    • Rod + Barry's Plumbing
        • Plumbing company uniforms Troy and Abed wear when they break into the school to rescue Dean Pelton. (Season 3 episode The First Chang Dynasty)
    • Stern Lecture Plumping
        • Plumbing company the Simpsons call when their basement floods. "I told you not the flush that" (Season 6 episode Homer the Great)
    • Wanda Mendelsohn
        • "All night plumber" in Sam's little black book. Wink, wink. The only plumber in Boston you have to go to her house. (Season 2 episode 7 Old Flames)

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