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What started out as the ultimate compendium of fake businesses and products now contains many new categories that don't fit the original description... but we just can't bring ourselves to change the name.
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  • Pet Services
    • Animal Hospital
        • Generic veterinarian where Homer is sent for testing after getting hit in the stomach with one too many bowling balls. (Season 7 episode Homerpalooza)
    • Arizona Veterinary Clinic
        • Where Warren Yeager worked. One of the finest veterinary clinics in the new southwest.
    • Bans Pet Grooming
        • Jim's client that Michael steals for his new paper company. (Season 5 episode Broke)
    • Bevo's
        • Dog groomer that Casey mistakes for a classy looking French salon (Season 6 episode The Spark and How to Get It)
    • Blendin Mobile Pet Grooming
        • Blendin is a fake brand name frequently used by the authorities when attempting to spy on the Bluth family. (Season 1)
    • Central Bark
        • Barry Allen leaves a job interview at doggy daycare center Central Bark in Central City to save a cute girl from a car accident in which her car is crushed by a Gard'ner Tex organic farm foods truck when the driver is distracted by dropping his fast food burger from Burger Shop. (Zack Snyder's Justice League)
    • Cervine Institute Of Elk, Moose, Deer And Stag
        • Guys Jerry brings in to take the deer they hit to a top wildlife surgeon, actually the guys from Cold Stone Creamery. (Season 2 episode A Rickle in Time)
    • Down On All Fours
        • Mobile grooming service - Duffy's front company name on his van in last episode of season 6 (series finale)
    • Downtown Veterinary Clinic
        • Clinic where Kramer takes the dog Smuckers that shares his same coughing affliction. (Season 8 episode The Andrea Doria)
    • Dr. Holtz
        • Veterinarian that reaches out to Bob to get involved in the Co-Op experiment. (Season 3 episode The Great Rimpau Medical Arts Co-Op Experiment)
    • Dr. Sniff
        • Veterinarian at animal hospital that tells The Tick that Speak isn't actually a dog but a capybara (Season 3 episode 4 Tick vs. Arthur)
    • Dr. Winston
        • Frasier's neighbor Cam's veterinarian mother (Season 9 episode The Love You Fake)
    • Elmwood County Animal Shelter
        • Animal Shelter where Mittens is taken, and Bolt and Rhino rescue her.
    • Forever Pet
        • Pet cloning company where Wade's ex-girlfriend Cynthia Bennet works. "We offer the splice of life, taking your beloved animal's unique DNA and making an exact replica, so that you never have to say goodbye again." (Season 1 episode Little Fear of Lightning)
    • Greenleaf Veterinary
        • Clinic where Trish and Dr. Karl Malus bribe a technician for FVRCP, the feline distemper vaccine, and Telazol, an anesthetic. (Season 2 episode AKA Three Lives and Counting)
    • Griffin Pond Animal Shelter
        • Animal shelter where Deangelo tells Andy the story of how he saved Jo's dog. (Season 7 episode Goodbye, Michael)
    • Joe's Taxidermy
        • Bart answers the phone, "Joe's Taxidermy. You snuff ‘em, we stuff ‘em." (Season 3 episode Stark Raving Dad)
    • Mosconi's Veterinary Clinic
        • Clinic where Victor Carune takes his fish and mice after they've been teleported. (story The Jaunt)
    • Nuts Landing Dog Neutering
        • Veterinarian where Homer almost takes Santa's Little Helper to be neutered - in flashback. (Season 15 episode Today I am a Clown)
    • Pawnee Animal Shelter #3
        • Local animal shelter where Ron and April go, looking for a dog for Ron's wife's daughters. (Season 6 episode Anniversaries)
    • Pet Cemetery
        • Graveyard for pets, next door to Springfield Cemetery. (Season 4 episode Treehouse of Horror III - segment: Dial "Z" for Zombies) Lisa discovers that the Republicans rigged the mayoral election with dead residents voting for Sideshow Bob, including her cat Snowball I. (Season 6 episode Sideshow Bob Roberts)
    • Pet Paradise
        • Sponsor of Frasier's show: "Death is inevitable. But it's especially painful when it claims a beloved family pet. If you've lost, or are planning to lose, a cherished dog, cat or bird, let Pet Paradise console you with a tasteful Plexiglas memorial bearing the likeness of your departed friend. Pet Paradise. Though your pet may be small, your loss is great." (Season 2 episode The Botched Language of Cranes)
    • Re-Pet
        • When Adam's daughter's dog dies, Adam's wife convinces Adam to take the dog to Re-Pet, a cloning company that can give your dead pet new life.
    • Share-a-keet
        • Terrible business investment decision Charlie reminds Jen about - for people who don't want the burden of caring for a parakeet full time. (Season 5 episode Charlie and the Case of the Curious Hottie)
    • Springfield Animal Hospital
        • Animal hospital where the Simpsons take Santa's Little Helper when he gets sick. (Season 3 episode Dog of Death) Santa's Little Helper taken there when injured. (Season 6 episode Who Shot Mr. Burns?)
    • Springfield Animal Shelter
        • Marge takes Lisa to get a new car after Snowball II gets hit by a car. "A loving sanctuary for animals... for up to seven days." (Season 15 episode I, Annoyed Grunt-Bot)
    • Van Ness Pet Hospital
        • To himself John Isidore thought acidly, And it's gone away for me, too, without my having to emigrate. He had been a special now for over a year, and not merely in regard to the distorted genes which he carried. Worse still, he had failed to pass the minimum mental faculties test, which made him in popular parlance a chickenhead. Upon him the contempt of three planets descended. However, despite this, he survived. He had his job, driving a pickup and delivery truck for a false-animal repair firm; the Van Ness Pet Hospital and his gloomy, gothic boss Hannibal Sloat accepted him as human and this he appreciated. Mors certa, vita incerta, as Mr. Sloat occasionally declared. Isidore, although he had heard the expression a number of times, retained only a dim notion as to its meaning.
    • Westside Animal Hospital
        • Veterinary clinic where Gabe's wife T.K. works in the universe where MVA Agent Evan Funsch sends him at the end of the movie.
    • Wheelright & Carpenter
        • Deftly, he ran his fingers along the pseudo bony spine. The cables should be about here. Damn expert workmanship; so absolutely perfect an imitation. Cables not apparent even under close scrutiny. Must be a Wheelright & Carpenter product — they cost more, but look what good work they do.
    • York's Livery Stable
        • Four or five days after Timmy Baterman's body buried at Pleasantview Cemetery in Bangor, mailwoman Marjorie Washburn sees him walking up the road toward York's Livery Stable.

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