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What started out as the ultimate compendium of fake businesses and products now contains many new categories that don't fit the original description... but we just can't bring ourselves to change the name.
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  • Pest Control Products
    • ACME Deadly Mouse Poison
        • ACME branded pest control product from the Baby Herman cartoon Somethin's Cookin'. Baby Herman stands on a box to get closer to the cookies on top of the fridge.
    • Acme Rat Trap
        • Chief Wiggum tries to catch what he thinks is a giant rat that's loose in Springfield Mall, actually Bart and Milhouse hiding out for a week instead of going to camp. (Season 11 episode Last Tap Dance in Springfield)
    • Ant Out
        • Pest control product Matthew sets off in the break room (Season 3 episode Awards Show)
    • Badger Blaster
        • One of Jay's father's inventions. Jay: "What's that thing?" Jay's Father, Franklin: "It's the first fish-mo-baby-whirl-a-ma-gig. It'll be bigger than the badger-blaster!" (Season 1 episode Dr. Jay)
    • Bee-gone African strength
        • Bug spray that Homer uses in the Springfield Nature Preserve. (Season 11 episode Alone Again, Natura-Diddly)
    • Bug Bomb
        • The plant closes for fumigation. Mr. Burns sets off a can labeled Bug Bomb. (Season 12 episode The Computer Wore Menace Shoes)
        • The Flying Virgin had fingernails painted bright pink with white tips. A French manicure, some witnesses call it. The Flying Virgin used a ca of Bug-Off insect fogger, and across the blue New Mexican sky, she wrote: STOP HAVING BABYS.
    • Buggout
        • Pest control spray. Selma cuts out a coupons the night she hangs out with Homer and Marge while Patty goes out with Principal Skinner. (Season 2 episode Principal Charming)
    • Charlotte's Dead Spider Poison
        • Pest control product in the Simpson garage that Homer sprays on his face to kill the spiders crawling on him. (Season 16 episode Mobile Homer)
    • Edmund Scientific Co. Locusts
        • Homer and Bart release locusts in the sewer beneath former president George Bush's house. (Season 7 episode Two Bad Neighbors)
    • The Get Out of Here Mousetrap
        • A unique breakthrough, because after it traps a rodent, it chemically cremates. No flame, no noise, no mouse.
    • Guaranteed Bug Killer
        • The police chief has this little wooden box (more like two small pieces of wood hinged together) on his desk called a Guaranteed Bug Killer. You're supposed to put the bug inside and slam it shut.
    • Harry's Squid-be-Gone
        • In the top left part of the panel there's Harry's Squid-be-Gone store. The phone's ringing. Sign on door reads 'Back in a jiffy'. In the bottom right part of the panel there's a man being attacked by a squid.
    • Jay Sherman Roach Spray
        • Pest control product - it makes roaches look like Jay Sherman (Season 1 episode A Day at the Races and a Night at the Opera)
    • Kill'M
        • Pest control product created by the motion pictureprophouse The Earl Hayes Press. "Brought home more than you bargained for? Terminate the problem with Kill'M"
    • Mauzr
        • Rachel and Jack's father's pest control product. "The autonomous rodent control solution", "Based on authentic rodent thought patterns!" (Season 5 episode Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too)
    • McGuire's Rat Poison
        • What Barry Allen used to revive Oliver. (Season 2)
    • Petchow Brand Rat Poison
        • Hi! I'm Hank Petchow. I love my dog, and I love taking care of him. But as much as I like feeding ol' Shep here every morning, there's some animals I'd rather not feed rodents, mice, rats. I hate them. That's why I developed this. Petchow Brand Rat Poison. Petchow's the only rat poison deadly enough to carry my name Petchow. And Petchow's the most powerful rat poison on the market. In fact, it's so strong, it could easily kill an animal much larger than any rat you'll ever see - instantly. (Tom Arnold - 02/17/96)
    • Rat Poison
        • Generic pest control product seen in The Nice Man Giveth, the play that the children of Springfield Elementary put on in order to try to get Mr. Burns to donate money to the school. (Season 11 episode Grift of the Magi)
    • Wolf Be Gone
        • Scheduled to be tested. Easy-grip bottle. Bottle may jam. From mock infomercial for album 2.0.

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