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What started out as the ultimate compendium of fake businesses and products now contains many new categories that don't fit the original description... but we just can't bring ourselves to change the name.
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  • Party Planning and Supplies
    • Beacon Hill Balloons
        • The name of the company that Nick uses when stealing the diamond jewelry at the beginning of the movie.
    • Celebration Station
        • Party supplies store the girls raid for decorations for their all-holidays party they throw for Jasper (Season 3 episode 15 Name 20 Picnics... Now!)
    • Celebrations Party Planning
        • Company listed on the directory in the office building where existential detective agency Jaffe and Jaffe is located.
    • Donner's Party Supplies
        • Party supply store at Springfield Mall. "Winter Madness Sale” (Season 10 episode Lard of the Dance)
    • Jiggly Party Queens
        • Company that puts on wet T-shirt contests that Rebecca calls to liven up the retirement party she throws for some marketing big-wig's friend "FULFILLING YOUR WET T-SHIRT NEEDS SINCE 1988" (Season 8 episode 8 For Real Men Only)
    • Jocks Flocko's Party Supplies
        • Mack disguises himself as Jocko Flocko's Party Supplies, a reference to Jocko Flocko, a monkey who was the co-driver of Nascar driver Tim Flock.

    • Painful Memories Party Supplies
        • After kicking Homer out of the house, Marge takes a drive, and everything reminds her of Homer, including this party supply store. (Season 5 episode Secrets of a Successful Marriage) Store in the background during Homer, Seth and Munchie's freak-out drive through Springfield. (Season 10 episode D'oh-In' in the Wind)
    • Party Dudes
        • Party supply service that Alison's old friend and drug dealer now works for (Season 5)
    • Party Zone
        • While investigating the glitter bomb prank, Dillman finds a receipt for an air tank rental, paid in cash. (Season 7 episode Dillman)
    • Phone-A-Balloon
        • Party supply business spokesperson job Hollywood agent Michael Pheret proposes to Alex Karras (Episode Garry Shandling)
    • Platinum Enterprises
        • Full service operation that Quinn recommends to Vince Masuka for Dexter's bachelor party. (Season 3 episode Go Your Own Way)
    • Purely Party Supplies
        • Party supply company listed in classifieds section of Jimmy's Albuquerque Journal newspaper.

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