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What started out as the ultimate compendium of fake businesses and products now contains many new categories that don't fit the original description... but we just can't bring ourselves to change the name.
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  • Magazines-Tech
    • American Science
        • Magazine featuring Dr. Marcus Blake (Season 5 episode Smarter Carter)
    • Creative Evolution
        • Science publication at newsstand, designed by production illustrator Tom Southwell.
    • Droid
        • Magazine at newsstand, designed by production illustrator Tom Southwell.
    • Engineering Quarterly
        • Fake magazine. Lougle employee Brad made their list of "Thirty under Thirty". He was on track to be one of their "Twenty under Forty" before he went to work for Lou, but now he's "Zero under Fuck Me". His words, not mine.
    • Gray Matter
        • The sliders find magazines in Quinn's counterpart's house on the Eggheads world, all featuring Quinn's counterpart on the cover. (Season 1 episode Eggheads)
    • The Journal of Theoretical Cybernetics
        • Journal that Dr. Jurati mentions to Rios, talking about how boring space is, that she finished all of the back issues. (Season 1 episode Absolute Candor)
    • The Massachusetts Scientific Journal
        • Magazine Cliff reads (Season 6 episode 20 The Sam in the Gray Flannel Suit)
    • Medical Journal of the Americas
        • Website, fictional version of The American Journal of Medicine, featuring an article titled, "New Flu Strain: Current Outbreak Hot Zones". (Season 1 episode not slow not bad)
    • Metropolis Journal of Medicine
        • Medical journal that Lex gives Clark, featuring Dr. Thomas Burton on the cover, the doctor that Lex believes can help Ryan, telling Clark that he has developed a radical new serum that shrinks primary brain tumors. "Special: Dr. Thomas Burton: The Future of Cancer Treatment” (Season 2 episode Ryan)
    • Microbiology Annual
        • Whatever any of us may think of the Carrie White affair, it is over. It's time to turn to the future. As Dean McGuffin points out, in his excellent Science Yearbook article, if we refuse to do this, we will almost certainly have to pay the piper-and the price is apt to be a high one. A thorny moral question is raised here. Progress is already being made toward complete isolation of the TK gene. It is more or less assumed in the scientific community (see, for instance, Bourke and Hannegan's "A View Toward Isolation of the TK Gene with Specific Recommendations for Control Parameters" in Microbiology Annual, Berkeley: 1982) that when a testing procedure is established, all school-age children will undergo the test as routinely as they now undergo the TB s~n-patch. Yet TK is not a germ; it is as much a part of the afflicted person as the color of his eyes.
    • The NAST
        • Magazine The NAST -The New American Science and Technology - features Dr. Everest, Person of the Year. (Season 1 episode Universe Zero)
    • Neuron
        • Scientific magazine that comes up when Helena is confronted about her research proposal.
    • Nova Express
        • Chapter 8: 'Old Ghosts'. Page 2, panel 3: At the bottom of the panel is the Dr. Manhattan issue of Nova Express. Surprisingly, the 'MultiVite' does not appear to be a Veidt product.
    • Players Only
        • In the alternate timeline where Josh is named Joosh, but goes by the name "JFUTZ”, a video game magazine called Players Only features a cover story about him called: "The Future of Gaming”. (Season 1 episode Prelude to an Apocalypse)
    • Relayer Electronics
        • Allison spots a copy of Starweek magazine with her on the cover at a newsstand. There are also copies of Relayer Electronics and Tween. (Season 1 episode Man on the Moon)
    • Science Showcase
        • Magazine Barry Allen holds over his head in the rain.
    • Scientific Barsoonian
        • Turtle (reading Scientific Barsoonian magazine): Hmmmmm... Schrodinger's Cat... a nifty little physics thought experiment... Now, s'pose a cat's in a box... the decay of an atom releases cyanide, killing the cat...
    • Scientific Innovations Magazine
        • No description available
    • The Xelayan Journal of Science
        • Magazine featuring a paper written by Alara's father Ildis Kitan. (Season 2 episode Home)

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