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What started out as the ultimate compendium of fake businesses and products now contains many new categories that don't fit the original description... but we just can't bring ourselves to change the name.
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  • Liquor Stores
    • All Day + Nite Liquor Store
        • Liquor store in Megacity I, featuring a large Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey display.
    • Drive-Thru Liquors
        • When the manager of the Native American casino Caesar's Pow-Wow shows Bart a vision of his future, he visits Lisa, now president of the United States, at the White House, which is next door to Drive-Thru Liquors and a Hustler Superstore. (Season 11 episode Bart to the Future)
    • Eddy V's Wine, Liquor And Food Market
        • Liquor store where Gail picks up supplies. Name based off of the name of writer Edward Voccola. (Season 3 episode 7 Mama's Hideaway)
    • Hal's Liquor
        • Lenny and Carl crash their cars into Costington's, inadvertently starting a riot complete with looting from various businesses in Springfield during a blackout. (Season 13 Poppa's Got a Brand New Badge)
    • Huang's
        • Discount liquor & wine store where Jack stops after picking up Eddie Bunker.
    • Humidors-R-Us
        • Murdock wins big on Wheel of Fortune, including "the President's Humidor” from Humidors-R-Us. "It holds up to 50 cigars, guarantees to keep them fresh for over a year.” Additionally, he wins 50 El Capitan cigars from Carlos y Carlos. "The finest in smooth tobaccos” (Season 4 episode Wheel of Fortune)
    • Leo's Liquor
        • Mentioned in season 6 as one of the locations a fugitive's credit card is being used.
    • Lex Liquors
        • Beth runs into an old friend from high school, who's got a bag of liquor bottles from Lex Liquors underneath her baby's stroller. (episode Fork) Multiple scenes of Beth carrying Lex Liquors bags full of alcohol bottles. (episode Adjournment)
        • Generic liquor store from various episodes.

        • Liquor store near the Springfield Men's Mission, where the Simpsons go looking for Duffman, after he was replaced as spokesperson for Duff by Santa's Little Helper. (Season 14 episode Old Yeller-Belly)
        • Generic liquor store in the vision Ned has when movie star Sara Sloane asks him to move to Hollywood with her. (Season 14 episode A Star is Born-Again)
        • Generic liquor store that goes out of business after the government closes Fort Springfield. (Season 5 episode $pringfield Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling)
        • Generic liquor store on the wrong side of the tracks where Bart ends up after running away from Thanksgiving dinner. "Yes! We have Rot Gut!" (Season 2 episode Bart vs. Thanksgiving)
        • Generic liquor store in the background on Hunch, the TV cop show that the Simpsons watch. (Season 17 episode Marge and Homer Turn a Couple Play)
    • Liquor Store
        • Liquor store where Kramer meets the owner of Maid to Order. (Season 9 episode The Maid)
    • Liquor Trunk
        • After Peggy gives up on her bookstore, Hank puts a "Out of Business" sign on the window and has a brief conversation with the new owner who is shown hanging up a sign that reads "Coming Soon: Liquor Trunk". (Season 7 episode Full Metal Dust Jacket, Be True to Your Fool)
    • Liquors
        • Liquor store where Kramer and George buy wine for the dinner party, and then get trapped outside when someone double parks and blocks them in. (Season 5 episode The Dinner Party)
    • Peters
        • Liquor store where Earl and Mr. Smith follow the pick-up driver to.
    • Ryan's Liquor
        • When Jeff takes over the school paper in episode Investigative Journalism, he puts one of the reporters to investigate if Ryan's Liquor is selling to underage kids to get them to bring back booze.
    • Ski-Hi Liquors
        • Liquor store where Scott Ward recruits Guzman, also known as "Guzman of the Dead 420" for his team.
    • Sunrise Liquor
        • Blake and B-Rad try to steal beer from a liquor store (Season 1 episode Checkpoint Gnarly)
    • Swampy's Liquor
        • Liquor store in the background when Marge suggests the town spend Mr. Burns' money on fixing up Main Street. (Season 4 episode Marge vs. The Monorail)
    • Terminal Liquor
        • Backdrop sign Calden crashes through when he's driving the minivan with the family inside that he commandeered.
    • TJ's Liquor
        • Liquor store where Fogell gets punched by a robber when he's there to buy alcohol with his fake ID.
    • Tony's Liquor
        • Liquor store in Beacon Town, Nebraska where Stiles tries unsuccessfully to buy a keg for the party. Scott has better luck.
    • West End Liquor
        • Where Frankie offers to let Zack go - and Zack declines.
    • Wine Cellar
        • Liquor store scenes filmed at Valencia Liquor in Newhall, California.

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