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What started out as the ultimate compendium of fake businesses and products now contains many new categories that don't fit the original description... but we just can't bring ourselves to change the name.
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  • Housing-Other
    • Annex 7-7-0
        • On the earthquake prison world, the sliders' new friend L.J. trades a carton of cigarettes to get the sliders a place to stay in government housing Annex 7-7-0. (Season 2 episode El Sid)
    • Barstow Quarantine Center
        • Zero-tolerance facility near the walled city of Las Vegas following the Zombie Wars.
    • The Brown-Mallory Arms
        • Joke Rembrandt makes about where he and Quinn have been living while Maggie's been living in virtual reality on the VR world. (Season 4 episode Common Ground)
    • Crestwood View
        • Housing development that ran out of money where Steve and his friends hang out. (Season 1 episode Chapter 1: Homecoming)
    • El Morocco
        • When Bob decides to stay in a hotel by himself to get some quality alone time, Dr. Arnold recommends the El Morocco, a hotel with water beds. (Season 1 episode I Want to be Alone)
    • Homestead Halfway House
        • Place where Jeremy Downs is staying. (Season 1 episodes Popping Cherry, Circle of Friends)
    • King Resorts
        • Dan goes up against billionaire Jordan King by buying up swampland that King intends to use for his next development initiative The New Jersey Project. When Dan demands too much money, King decides to go with The Delaware Project instead, leaving Dan with worthless swamp land. (Season 7 episode If I Were a Rich Man)
    • Krusty Brand Low Income Housing
        • Bart's alarm clock: It is the 2nd of the month. If you live in Krusty Brand low income housing, your rent is due. (Season 15 episode I, Annoyed Grunt-Bot)
    • McCarran Quarantine Camp
        • Facility near the walled city of Las Vegas following the Zombie Wars.
    • Mrs Kane's Boarding House
        • In 1871, gold was discovered through a mining deed belonging to Kane's mother, Mary Kane. She hired Thatcher to establish a trust that would provide for Kane's education and to assume guardianship of him. While Thatcher and Charles' parents discussed arrangements inside, the young Kane played happily with a sled in the snow outside the boarding-house. When Kane's parents turned him over to Thatcher, the boy struck Thatcher with his sled and attempted to run away.
    • Rooms
        • Housing on the cove where the pirates hang out. (Season 5 episode Heavy Metal)
    • Royal Lantern
        • When Bob decides to stay in a hotel by himself to get some quality alone time, Dr. Arnold recommends the Royal Lantern, a hotel on Northmont, real popular with doctors. (Season 1 episode I Want to be Alone)
    • Singha Refugee Camp
        • Bajoran refugee camp during the Cardassian occupation.
        • Refugee camp where Kira's mother died when Kira was three years old. (Season 3 episode Second Skin)
        • Where Kira's father told her that her mother died, but according to Gul Dukat, she actually left Kira's father to be with him. (Season 6 episode Wrongs Darker than Death or Light)
        • Kira tells Vedek Bareil that she and her brothers used to play Springball at the Singha refugee camp. (Season 2 episode Shadow Play)
    • Springfield Men's Mission
        • After Duff finds a new Duff spokesperson to replace Duffman - the Simpsons' dog, Santa's Little Helper, the Simpsons go looking for Duffman at the Springfield Men's Mission. "We add God to your misery" (Season 14 episode Old Yeller-Belly) Ned Flanders delivers sandwiches. "One hot and maybe a cot" (Season 15 episode Tis The Fifteenth Season)
    • St. Damien's Halfway House
        • Where Delia Darrow tells the police Turk was staying.

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