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What started out as the ultimate compendium of fake businesses and products now contains many new categories that don't fit the original description... but we just can't bring ourselves to change the name.
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  • Flower Shops
    • Duke City Flowers
        • Police cover van when Badger gets busted. "Better call Saul!" (Season 2 episode Better Call Saul)
    • Fenderbreck's Flowers
        • Flower shop where Doug Ewing bought flowers for his grandmother, yet lost points. From Doug's file in The Book of Dougs: "Roses purchased from Fenderbreck's Flowers, thus profit benefitted majority owner and C.E.O. Derek Fenderbreck." (Season 3 episode The Book of Dougs)
    • Floral Flair Hamper Heaven
        • No description available
    • Full-sized Flower Mart
        • Flower shop in Leisureland that sells - you guessed it - full-sized flowers. Paul buys a rose from them.
    • Gary's Flowers and Donuts
        • Joke Charlie makes when Jordan rejects his peace offerings. Charlie: "So flowers make you sneeze. Donuts make you fat. What else can I possibly get you from Gary's Flowers and Donuts at the end of my street?" (Episode Charlie Gets Between Sean and Jordan)
    • Gian Carlo's Flower Shop
        • A crowd watches the Lipschitz Live! TV show on a TV in window of Gian Carlo's flower shop. (Season 4 episode Lipschitz Live)
    • Howard's Flowers
        • Flower shop where Homer buys a rose for Marge after she calls KBBL therapist Dr. Marvin Monroe and complains about how he goes by appreciate her on the air. (Season 1 episode Some Enchanted Evening) Flower shop in the background when Kodos and Kang arrive in Springfield. (Season 3 episode Treehouse of Horror II)
    • Jardiniere Wholesale Florists
        • Company listed on the directory in the office building where existential detective agency Jaffe and Jaffe is located.
    • Kayla's Flowers
        • Flower shop on the clone world. (Season 4 episode My Brother's Keeper)
    • Looking Glass Florists
        • Name on the van that The Guard uses to sneak troubled people into Haven (Season 3 episode Burned)
    • Lupa's Flowers
        • Flower ship in Madre Linda. (Season 3 episode Missing White Woman Syndrome)
    • Melville Nursery
Nursery in Smallville, owned by overweight girl turned skinny cannibal thanks to meteor rocks Jodi Melville's family. (Season 1 episode Craving)
    • Mickey's Flower Shop
        • This is the shop owned by John Turturro's character where his wife shoots and kills two would-be goons wanting to take out Turturro for skipping on a gambling debt.
    • Mr. Daizy's Greenhouse
        • Mr. Daizy is the owner of a flower shop / greenhouse, as well as the owner of the rental house on Oakdale.
    • Mushnik's Flower Shop
        • Also known as Mushnik's Florist and Mushnik & Son. Owned by Mr. Mushnik. Seymour and Audrey work there.
    • Nathan's House of Flowers
        • Frannie covered him with a clean sheet and had left him on old Jack Hanson's bed, which overlooked the ocean. Then she had come here and since then had been skipping rocks across the pond, not thinking about much of anything. But she unconsciously realized that it was a good kind of not thinking; it wasn't like that strange apathy that had shrouded her on the day after her father had died. Since then, she had been more and more herself. She had gotten a rosebush down at Nathan's House of Flowers and had carefully planted it at the foot of Peter's grave.
    • Rainland Flower Shop
        • Returnee Mary Deneville's father's flower shop. (Season 1 episode Trial by Fire)
    • Sanderson Florist
        • The name of the florist Sam calls to buy Diane flowers (Season 2 episode 17 Fortune and Men's Weights)
    • Thorn Valley Roses
        • Homer gets dragged upside down from an airplane through a rose field after fighting with Fantastic Dan the skywriter. (Season 10 episode I'm With Cupid)
    • Washington Township Flowers
        • Company that moved into retail space previously occupied by Mr. Robot and Bergen Dry Cleaners (Season 1 episode eps1.8_m1rr0r1ng.qt)
    • Wolcott Flowers
        • Flower shop on Christina's home world. (Season 4 episode Mother and Child)
        • Flower shop in Middleton. (Season 4 episode The Chasm)

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