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What started out as the ultimate compendium of fake businesses and products now contains many new categories that don't fit the original description... but we just can't bring ourselves to change the name.
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  • Energy Drinks
    • Bonk! Atomic Punch
        • Energy drink that's full of radiation that gives the Scout the ability to temporarily become invincible by dodging enemy attacks.
    • Dinosaur Energy Drink
        • Fill up with Jurassic World Fossil Fuel, a high octane energy drink that will boost you out of the Stone Age. Featured on the Jurassic World promotional website.
    • Double Trouble
        • Donkey Doug and Pillboi's combination energy drink / body spray product. Pillboi: "Sharks, how much do you spend on energy drinks and body spray in one week? Three hundred dollars? Ten hundred dollars? What if I told you there was a product that combined these two things for one solution to all of life's problems and more? I give to you Double Trouble! The world's first energy drink/body spray…. Not bad, right? Double Trouble comes in three delicious smell-flavors: Raspberry Perspirant, Cedarwood Melon Blast, and 24-Hour Lemon Musk Xtreme. (Season 3 episode The Ballad of Donkey Doug)
    • Hansel Juice
        • Derek and Hansel launch a fake energy drink at Club Brik as a trap to ambush the Red Carpet. It's melted ice from the seafood case at D'Agostino's. "It'll put the pep back in your pupik." Later advertised on a billboard in Paris. "C'est Chouette!"
    • Joosh NRG
        • In the alternate timeline where Josh is named Joosh, but goes by the name "JFUTZ”, JFUTZ also has an energy drink named after him. "Hype your thirst, punch your brain!” (Season 1 episode Prelude to an Apocalypse)
    • Minotaur Extreme Green Energy Drink
        • The energy drink company where Danny and Wheeler work.
        • Stay off drugs! Minotaur!
        • Drugs bad. Energy drinks good.
        • Taste the beast!
        • Nuclear horse piss for six bucks a can
        • "By the way, this stuff's poison."
    • Synergy
        • The devil's energy drink. Joke Adam makes when he reads the word synergy in the TelAmeriCorp orientation video like 11 times. (Season 4 episode Three and a Half Men)
    • Torsion
        • Energy drink that was taken off the market by the FDA that's still popular with gamers - and beta testers at Tendyne Systems. (episode Game Time)
    • Turbo Rush
        • Energy drink featuring a picture of Homelander on the can. (Season 2 episode Over the Hill with the Swords of a Thousand Men) Advertisement on bus in the background in the movie Dawn of the Seven. (Season 3 episode Payback)

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