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What started out as the ultimate compendium of fake businesses and products now contains many new categories that don't fit the original description... but we just can't bring ourselves to change the name.
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  • Electronics-Power
    • Arc Reactor
        • Fusion type power source Tony builds to power his initial Iron Man suit, though the palladium core poisoned Tony's body.
        • Tony upgrades the fusion type power source he used for his initial Iron Man suit in the first movie using an safe alternative to the palladium core, no longer poisoning his body.
        • Tony briefly proposes attempting to miniaturize arc reactor technology. (Season 1 episode What If… Killmonger Rescued Tony Stark?)
    • Blink Drive
        • Space ship engine that creates traversable wormholes (introduced in Season 2 Episode 7 She's One of Them Now). Revealed to be created by Professor Brophey while working for Electus Corp, before he used the technology to escape 600 years in the past to Terra Prime. (Season 3 episode Isn't that a Paradox?)
    • Blooble Yank
        • Device that the people that will live on the world inside the world inside Rick's spaceship battery use to generate electricity - based on the flooble crank, which is based on the gooble box (Season 2 episode 6 The Ricks Must Be Crazy)
    • Displacement-activated Spore Hub Drive
        • Also known as spore drive or s-drive. An organic propulsion system the Federation experimented with during the 2240s and 2250s. (Season 1 episode 4)
    • Flooble Crank
        • Device that the people that live on the world inside the world inside Rick's spaceship battery use to generate electricity - based on the gooble box (Season 2 episode 6 The Ricks Must Be Crazy)
    • Froonium Drive
        • Nonexistent part of a Prowler that Chiana mentions, in an attempt to speak techno-babble. (Season 1 episode Nerve)
    • Gooble Box
        • Device that the people that live on the world inside Rick's spaceship battery use to generate electricity (Season 2 episode 6 The Ricks Must Be Crazy)
    • Hydro Rig
        • Hydro rigs convert Earth's sea water into fusion energy for the new colony.
    • Ignito Vector Overdrive
        • Fictional device that Cliff from Cheers points out to Norm on the Sandpiper Air plane before it takes off from Boston (Season 2 episode The Story of Joe)
        • Starship engine. When the Infinite Improbability Drive arrived and whole planets started turning unexpectedly into banana fruitcake, the great history faculty of the University of MaxiMegalon finally gave up, closed itself down and surrendered its buildings to the rapidly growing joint faculty of Divinity and Water Polo, which had been after them for years.
    • Infinite Improbability Generator
        • The table in Engineering has an item labelled "Infinite Improbability Generator", a reference to the Infinite Improbability Drive propulsion system aboard the Heart of Gold in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
    • Liquid Schwartz
        • Fuel that Lone Star and Barf put in the Eagle 5 in order to get to the planet Druidia in time to stop Princess Vespa's wedding.
    • Nerva Engine
        • It propels the Churchill with constant acceleration, enough to create Earth-type gravity for the first time on an extended flight.
    • The Pollution-Free Techno 3000
        • Professor Frink invention at the National Energy Convention that produces limitless energy with absolutely no pollution, and it runs on common household diamonds. (Season 5 episode The Last Temptation of Homer - deleted scene)
    • RLF Reactor
        • One first-generation RL fusion generator can power 23 million households or 15 million businesses at an affordable price point with limited maintenance. Best suited for civilian power grids due to their size, Weyland RL fusion reactors generate steady Terawatt levels of power, without pulse, making power delivery more replete and efficient. Systems powered by Weyland RLF have blackout percentages at less than 0.01%.
    • Solstice Solar Array
        • Once Weyland's first enterprise as a fledgling corporation. Today, the Solstice is a best-selling product meeting over half the energy needs of colonies galaxy-wide. Fully-articulating, in-orbit solar arrays deliver uninterrupted, constantly renewable power. Our solar sensors are composed of thin film polymer with polycrystalline silicon distribution. The Solstice is the first and only orbiting solar array used today by the governments of the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia and their colonies, largely serving military power needs due its unique flexibility in power delivery.
    • Toughened Ceramic Turbine
        • While still in the prototype stages, these 18-story turbines, constructed of rare iridium-silicon matrix interspersed with nanocomposite tougheners, have been shown to produce anti-3rd curvature leverage in the testing environment. This amount of power has never been seen before, and Weyland aeronautics engineers are researching a way to enhance SEV space travel performance and in-flight design, possibly eliminating the need for hypersleep in the future of FTL space travel.
    • Warp Drive
        • Standard technology on starships, allowing for faster than light travel.
    • X-4 Neutron Drive
        • Older drive model that powers the Jolly Rogers pirate ship. (Season 1 episode Mandor and the Pirates)
    • Zero-loss Lithium Ion Batteries
        • Composed of traditional lithium with rare metal cathodes and nano-layered silicon anodes, Weyland's newest models of Lithium Ion Batteries have ultra-low internal resistance and zero memory loss. Zero-loss LIBs are used in everything from hypersleep chamber backup systems on deep space missions to classroom HoloTabs in Mumbai. The zero-loss battery system can be deposited on a single-layer graphene substrate, making portable power essentially invisible.
    • Zeus 8000 Turbine Generator
        • Makes electricity and that electricity was going to provide power for the entire assembly line.

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