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What started out as the ultimate compendium of fake businesses and products now contains many new categories that don't fit the original description... but we just can't bring ourselves to change the name.
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  • Bridges
    • Amerigo Columbus Bridge
        • Bookworm, the well-educated master of stolen plots, toys with Batman and threatens to blow up the Amerigo Columbus Bridge. (Episode While Gothan City Burns)
    • Ashley Bridge
        • Miranda escapes from her room, gets to a computer and pulls up the Bridgefield Herald online newspaper, where she researches information about Rachel, the girl thought to have committed suicide by jumping off Ashley Bridge into the Pawtucket River.
    • The Azure Gate Bridge
        • In the world that's almost home, the Golden Gate Bridge is blue. (Season 2 episode Post Traumatic Slide Syndrome)
    • Bridge of Pain
        • Album: How Do You Sell Soul to a Soulless People Who Sold Their Soul???
    • Brutalitops Memorial Bridge
        • Bridge visible on Abed's map of Galindor. (Season 5 episode Advanced Advanced Dungeons & Dragons)
    • Da Vinci Bridge
        • Bridge in Eureka from multiple episodes (Season 1 episode Invincible, Season 2 episode All that Glitters…, Season 3 episode If You Build It..., Season 4 episode The Ex-Files)
    • Death Bridge
        • Location in the Biotic Wars video game. (Season 1 episode Prelude to an Apocalypse)
    • Dewey Bridge
        • The bridge mentioned in personal ad that The Tick's mustache reads (Season 3 episode 1 That Mustache Feeling)
    • The Jimmy James Bridge
        • Construction project Lisa proposes in an attempt to convince Mr. James not to build his towers in New York City. Mr. James: "Lisa, nobody ever says anything good about a bridge, all right? They'd be like, 'Traffic was blocked up for hours today on the Jimmy James,' or, 'Some loser jumped off the Jimmy James today,' or, 'I was driving along the Jimmy James while my best friend was back home in bed with my wife." (Season 5 episode Towers)
        • Bridge where the bullies attack Ben.
    • Old Elbow River Footbridge
        • Lana's best friend Emily Eve Dinsmore drowns in Elbow River, playing on the Old Elbow River footbridge. (Season 2 episode Accelerate)
    • Old Fair Road Bridge
        • Where Ig goes after leaving the clinic the morning he wakes up with the horns.
    • Pangborn Bridge
        • Bridge named in honor of former Castle Rock sheriff Alan Pangborn. (Season 1 episode Harvest)
    • Sixth Street Bridge
        • Where the military permits the residents of Chester's Mill to interact with their families and friends that are outside the dome - episode Blue on Blue.
    • Springfield Memorial Bridge
        • Bridge in Springfield where Marge parks in the middle of the road. (Season 3 episode Homer Alone)
    • Walker River Bridge
        • Chapter 23. Shreveport bridge that Fertility Hollis mentions in her prediction: "In eleven minutes the waitress will bring you another piece of pie. Lemon meringue, this time. Later, only about sixty people will show up for your appearance tonight. Then, tomorrow morning, something called the Walker River Bridge will collapse in Shreveport. Wherever that is."
    • Winter River Bridge
        • Lydia plans to kill herself by jumping off the Winter River Bridge.

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