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What started out as the ultimate compendium of fake businesses and products now contains many new categories that don't fit the original description... but we just can't bring ourselves to change the name.
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  • Bar and Grills
    • Bailey's Bar & Grill
        • Bar where Officer Slater and Officer Michaels take Fogell on their way to drop him off at Jules' party, where Fogell inadvertently stops a runaway criminal.
    • Bailey's Bar and Grill
        • Restaurant in Waterloo, from Egon and Paige's school teamwork project. (The Blue Room)
    • Barnacle Bar & Grill
        • Restaurant on the Druid world. (Season 3 episode Dragonslide)
    • The Berkeley Grill
        • Restaurant in the background on the Game world. (Season 3 episode Rules of the Game)
    • Boomer's Bar and Grille
        • But Tom's daddy had been around less and less over the first half of 1988 because he was stepping out with a redheaded waitress who worked at Boomer's Bar & Grille. Her name was DeeDee Packalotte (and weren't there some jokes about that name), and about a year ago she and Don Cullen run off together. They had been seen just once, in a cheap fleabag motel not far away, in Slapout, Oklahoma, and that had been the last of them.
    • Brogan's Bar & Grill
        • Monty's father has had to put up his bar in Queens as bond so that his son can stay out of jail until his sentence begins.
    • Fitzpatrick's Bar and Grill
        • George takes clients out on the town. (Season 7 episode The Hot Tub)
    • Jalapeno's Bar and Grill
        • Restaurant next door to The Imaginesium, Jerry Lansing's motion capture school (Season 2 episode 5 Dick Lansing)
    • Jimmy's Bar and Grill
        • "If you want action, If you want a thrill, Then take it down to Jimmy's bar and grill... and play dirty!" (song Play Dirty / album Look What the Cat Dragged In)
    • King Arthur's Bar & Grill
        • Restaurant where Alex gets a job as a waitress/serving wench to make ends meet during the off season in Nantucket (Season 5 episode Moonlighting)
    • Paradise Beach Bar & Grill
        • Seen in one of Marc's old photos.
    • Roger's Bar and Grill
        • Bar where Sledge Hammer and Dori track down the female mud-wrestling team The Turtles (Season 1 episode Miss of the spider woman)
    • Smitty's Bar & Grill
        • Restaurant in Dansburg where Doug Winter meets Mr. Smith, the gentleman he hires as his new Linotype operator and reporter. (Season 4 episode Printer's Devil)
    • Springbrook Bar and Grill
        • Restaurant where delusional frat boy Stan Halen hangs out. (Season 4 episode Brociopath)
    • Zip Bar and Grill
        • Joke Ronny makes when he sees Geneva after paying her boyfriend on the side Zip, where he tells her he's been, calls it a "real dirtbag joint".

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