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What started out as the ultimate compendium of fake businesses and products now contains many new categories that don't fit the original description... but we just can't bring ourselves to change the name.
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  • Architecture and Interior Design
    • A+O Andrada And O'Brien
        • Interior Architects. Kate impersonates an architect to steal a credenza out of a front yard. (Season 1 episode Va Bene)
    • A.J. Coleman, Draughting
        • Company on the 13th floor of Mr. Featherstone's office building. (Episode Of Late I Think of Cliffordville)
    • Duncan + Dotter Design
        • Architecture firm in New York City that Jessica Jones investigates. (Episode Worst Behavior)
    • Dunning, Murphy And Associates
        • New York Architect listed on the plans that Hammond sends to Dr. Grant in Snakewater.
    • E.C. Chen
        • Architect listed on the Nakatomi Plaza Hotel and Convention Center sign.
    • Equinox Home Design
        • Home furnishing store on Main Street in Eureka (Season 5 episode Double Take)
    • Hugo Lindgren's Ring Design
        • Company Pete hires to build him his own octagon training ring. (Season 3 episode The One With Ross' Thing)
    • Kruma Architectural And Interior Design
        • Seen on Fisk's blueprints (Season 1 episode Speak of the Devil)
    • Little Miss Moffet Interior Design
        • Home furnishing service listed in classifieds section of Jimmy's Albuquerque Journal newspaper. (Season 4 episode Smoke)
    • Peach Salinger Interior Designer
        • Beck's friend Peach's business. (Season 1 episode Living With the Enemy)
    • Robert G. Bundy A.I.A.
        • Architect listed on the tenant sign in the foyer of the Martin-Victor building.
    • Roland Hill
        • Architect listed on the Nakatomi Plaza Hotel and Convention Center sign.
    • Sean Jebid
        • Royal Architect that designs the pyramid on the Egypt world. (Season 3 Slide Like an Egyptian)
    • Y.M. Burg
        • Famous architect that offers to build Joe and Helen's new house. Not aware of how famous he is, they turn him down. He does end up designing a house for them that looks like the number 7, which they don't want, but are afraid to tell him. When he's not able to build that house due to codes and regulations, he designs another one for them that they love, but they piss him off and he destroys the plans. (Season 7 episode So Long, Frank Lloyd Wrong)

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