Film 1986. Written by Michael Mann. Directed by Michael Mann. Starring William Petersen, Kim Greist, Joan Allen, Brian Cox, Dennis Farina, Stephen Lang and Tom Noonan.
Source Features: BBB (8) TIMELINE (29) OTHER (18) THEMES (1)

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Total Records: 8 - Medium: FILM / Group: BBB
Record Name
1Blaine & Edwards Media CompaniesPublishing Companies

Blaine & Edwards
Publishing company that Lecktor mentions when he makes phone calls tracking down Will Graham's home address.

2Bob's Photo Store ServicesPhotography Services

Bob's Photo Store
Service the Jacobi family used for their home movies. The store sent the film to Gateway Labs, where Francis Dollarhyde worked, to process.

3Doc Lewis Fish Co.Food IndustriesMeat Companies

Doc Lewis Fish Co.
Truck the FBI use as cover.

4Dr. Hannibal LecterHealthcareTherapy

Dr. Hannibal Lecter
Former psychiatrist and serial killer that Will Graham caught previously, whom he consults while hunting serial killer the Tooth Fairy. Originally spelling of "Lecter" from the novel Red Dragon updated to "Lecktor" for the film.

5Gateway Labs ServicesPhotography Services

Gateway Labs
Film processing company where Francis Dollarhyde works.

6National Tattler PeriodicalsMagazines

National Tattler
Newspaper where reporter Freddie Sounds that covered the Lecktor case works.

7Paltrow, Christiansen & Golub, Law Offic... Legal AidLaw Firms

Paltrow, Christiansen & Golub, Law Offices
Legal firm that Lecktor mentions when he makes phone calls tracking down Will Graham's home address.

8Riker Institute for the BlindResearch InstitutesInstitutes

Riker Institute for the Blind
School where Francis Dollarhyde's co-worker Reba trained in therapy for speech and hearing impaired children.

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