Film 2005. Written by Massy Tadjedin. Directed by John Maybury. Starring Adrien Brody, Keira Knightley, Kris Kristofferson, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Kelly Lynch, Brad Renfro and Daniel Craig.
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1952 - 72 years ago
1June 12, 1952 20th Century: 50sBirth Dates

June 12, 1952
Date of Birth on Rudy Mackenzie's headstone.

1963 - 61 years ago
2December 23, 1963 20th Century: 60sBirth Dates

December 23, 1963
Date of Birth on Jack Starks' dog tag - the one he finds in Jackie's apartment in the future.

1964 - 60 years ago
3December 24, 1964 20th Century: 60sBirth Dates

December 24, 1964
Date of Birth on Jack Starks' dog tag - the one he has on him when he finds another one in Jackie's apartment in the future.

4December 25, 1964 20th Century: 60sBirth Dates

December 25, 1964
Date of Birth on Jack Stark's headstone.

1992 - 32 years ago
5December 28, 1992 20th Century: 90sEvents

December 28, 1992
Jack Starks tells Rudy Mackenzie that he's going to die in four days.

1993 - 31 years ago
6January 1, 1993 20th Century: 90sDeath Dates

January 1, 1993
Jack Starks dies.

7January 3, 1993 20th Century: 90sEvents

January 3, 1993
Jackie finds a Daily Herald article about an investigation into Alpine Grove in Marriot, Vermont dated January 3rd, 1993.

1999 - 25 years ago
8June 13, 1999 20th Century: 90sEvents

June 13, 1999
Jackie finds a Daily Herald article about a. boy overcoming crippling seizures dated June 13th, 1999.

2004 - 20 years ago
9February 11, 2004 21st Century: 00sDeath Dates

February 11, 2004
Date of Death on Rudy Mackenzie's headstone.

2007 - 17 years ago
10December 24, 2007 21st Century: 00sEvents

December 24, 2007
Jack finds a Vermont Communications account statement dated December 9th, 2007 in Jackie's apartment.

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