Film 2020. Written by Leigh Whannell. Directed by Leigh Whannell. Starring Elisabeth Moss, Aldis Hodge, Storm Reid, Harriet Dyer, Michael Dorman, Oliver Jackson-Cohen.
Source Features: BBB (11) TIMELINE (5) MAP (3) OTHER (2)

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1Bleat On BBBMediaWebsites

Bleat On
Website where Cecilia reads an article about how people can hack webcams.

2Cobolt BBBServicesSecurity Services

Cecilia's boyfriend Adrian's optical security company.

3Dr. Lee BBBHealthcareDoctors

Dr. Lee
Doctor at St. Vincent's that calls Cecilia with the results of her blood test.

4ElectriK9 BBBPetsPet Products

Invisible fence system tag on Adrian's dog Zeus' collar.

5Heights Family Pharmacy BBBRetailDrugstores

Heights Family Pharmacy
Pharmacy name on Cecilia's prescription bottle.

6Lanvest Bank BBBFinancial CompaniesBanks

Lanvest Bank
Bank where Cecilia opens an account for Sydney's college. Better with Money.

7Ruler BBBServicesArchitects

Architectural firm where Sydney interviews for a job.

8Santa Marina Secure Treatment Center BBBHealthcareDrug Rehabilitation

Santa Marina Secure Treatment Center
Treatment center where Cecilia is held following her sister Emily's death.

9St. Vincent's BBBHealthcareHospitals

St. Vincent's
Dr. Lee at St. Vincent's calls Cecilia with the results of her blood test.

10XT-Viz BBBServicesSecurity Services

Adrian's optical security service at his home.

11Yulan BBBDiningRestaurants-Asian

Restaurant where Cecilia meets her sister Emily.

12December 14, 2017 Dates21st Century: 10sEvents

December 14, 2017
Date that Cecilia met Adrian, and the combination to security system at his house.

13January 27, 2020 Dates21st Century: 20sEvents

January 27, 2020
Statement date on Sydney Lanier's Lanvest Bank statement.

14January 29, 2020 Dates21st Century: 20sEvents

January 29, 2020
Date of the email sent to Cecilia's sister Emily, which Cecilia did not write.

15January 30, 2020 Dates21st Century: 20sEvents

January 30, 2020
While searching for evidence of Adrian'a presence, Cecilia finds a secret phone stashed in the attic.

16May 14, 2020 Dates21st Century: 20sEvents

May 14, 2020
Last day to file claims against the estate of Cecilia's boyfriend Adrian Griffin.

17Celestial Drive MapTransit RoutesStreets-Drives

Celestial Drive
Cecilia's boyfriend Adrian's address.

18Mansfield Street MapTransit RoutesStreets

Mansfield Street
Sydney Lanier's address on the Lanvest Bank statement, the bank where Cecilia opens an account for her college.

19Willis Street MapTransit RoutesStreets

Willis Street
Address of the Heights Family Pharmacy on Cecilia's prescription bottle.

20Adrian's dog's name. OtherTriviaName Game-Animals

Adrian's dog's name.

21Cecilia OtherQuotesQuotes

Cecilia: Surprise.

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