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Total Records: 58 - Medium: MAGAZINES / Subcategory: VIDEO GAMES
Record Name
13Doh-Oh BBBMediaVideo Games

Video game system. Parody of Nintendo 3DS.

3Actually, Tomorrow Does Die BBBMediaVideo Games

Actually, Tomorrow Does Die
Tomorrow Never Dies parody.

3The Adventures of Laxative LarryBBBMediaVideo Games

The Adventures of Laxative Larry
From advertisement.

4Back-Seat Driver BBBMediaVideo Games

Back-Seat Driver
Driver parody.

3Bran Turismo 2: Race to the Bathroom BBBMediaVideo Games

Bran Turismo 2: Race to the Bathroom
Gran Turismo parody.

3Britney Spears' Bubbles Bobble BBBMediaVideo Games

Britney Spears' Bubbles Bobble
Bubble Bobble parody.

3CrapStation 64BoxBBBMediaVideo Games

CrapStation 64Box
From advertisement.

4Cruis'n Aimlessly BBBMediaVideo Games

Cruis'n Aimlessly

3Dork FuBBBMediaVideo Games

Dork Fu

4DreamcrashedBBBMediaVideo Games


5The Driver's Edge BBBMediaVideo Games

The Driver's Edge
Video game.

3The Duke of Hazzard BBBMediaVideo Games

The Duke of Hazzard
The Dukes of Hazzard/Duke Nukem parody.

3Filet of SoleCalibur BBBMediaVideo Games

Filet of SoleCalibur

3Final Fantasy MMMCLVIII the Beginning BBBMediaVideo Games

Final Fantasy MMMCLVIII the Beginning
Final Fantasy 8 parody.

3Finally, the Final Fight BBBMediaVideo Games

Finally, the Final Fight
Video game. Parody of Final Fight.

3Game WeakBBBMediaVideo Games

Game Weak
Game Freak parody.

4Genecide BBBMediaVideo Games

Video game system. Parody of Sega Genesis.

3Gun with the Wind: Iran Contra - The Gam... BBBMediaVideo Games

Gun with the Wind: Iran Contra - The Game
Video game. Parody of Contra.

3Homewhirled BBBMediaVideo Games

Video game.

3Jurassic Pork BBBMediaVideo Games

Jurassic Pork
Video game. Parody of Jurassic Park.

3Jynx BBBMediaVideo Games

Video game system.

3Knockout Queens 2000 BBBMediaVideo Games

Knockout Queens 2000
Knockout Kings parody.

3Lame Boy BBBMediaVideo Games

Lame Boy
Video game system. Parody of Nintendo Game Boy.

3Lame Boy ColorlessBBBMediaVideo Games

Lame Boy Colorless

4Lame Gear BBBMediaVideo Games

Lame Gear
Video game system.

3Liquor Cabinet Raider: The Last Inebriat... BBBMediaVideo Games

Liquor Cabinet Raider: The Last Inebriation
Tomb Raider parody.

3LucasfartsBBBMediaVideo Games

Lucas Arts parody.

4Make Your Own Music Video with Roger Cli... BBBMediaVideo Games

Make Your Own Music Video with Roger Clinton
Video game.

3Martin Scorcese's Crazy Taxi Driver BBBMediaVideo Games

Martin Scorcese's Crazy Taxi Driver
Crazy Taxi meets Taxi driver parody.

3Marvel Vs. Capcom Vs. Microsoft BBBMediaVideo Games

Marvel Vs. Capcom Vs. Microsoft
Marvel vs. Capcom parody.

3Mickey's Magical Mystery Tour BBBMediaVideo Games

Mickey's Magical Mystery Tour
Video game starring Donna Duck and Dennis Hopper.

3Mortal Kombat Old BBBMediaVideo Games

Mortal Kombat Old
Mortal Kombat Gold parody.

3Mortal Wombats BBBMediaVideo Games

Mortal Wombats
Video game. Parody of Mortal Kombat.

3Night Trapper John, M.D. BBBMediaVideo Games

Night Trapper John, M.D.
Video game.

3Nofriendo BBBMediaVideo Games

Nintendo parody.

3NPR JAM BBBMediaVideo Games

Video game. Parody of NBA Jam.

3PacMantra: The Meditation Game BBBMediaVideo Games

PacMantra: The Meditation Game
Video game. Parody of Pac-Man.

3PainStation BBBMediaVideo Games


3Perfectly Dark BBBMediaVideo Games

Perfectly Dark
Perfect Dark parody.

3Pokemeaningless BBBMediaVideo Games

Pokemon parody.

3President Evil Code: Monica BBBMediaVideo Games

President Evil Code: Monica
Resident Evil Code: Veronica parody.

3Pretendo BBBMediaVideo Games

Video game system. Parody of Nintendo.

3Quack III: A Real Bad Game BBBMediaVideo Games

Quack III: A Real Bad Game
Quake II parody.

3RejectionsBBBMediaVideo Games


4Reverse Driver 2BBBMediaVideo Games

Reverse Driver 2
From advertisement.

5Samurai Mo-Down BBBMediaVideo Games

Samurai Mo-Down
Video game. Parody of Samurai Shodown.

3SimSchoolyard BBBMediaVideo Games

Video game. Parody of The Sims.

3Sneeze BBBMediaVideo Games

Video game system.

3South Geek InteractiveBBBMediaVideo Games

South Geek Interactive
SouthPeak Interactive parody.

4SquareCircileTraiangleAndHoldStartBBBMediaVideo Games

Squaresoft parody.

5Star Bores Episode 1: Eraser BBBMediaVideo Games

Star Bores Episode 1: Eraser
Parody of Star Wars The Phantom Menace.

3Super Bummer, Man BBBMediaVideo Games

Super Bummer, Man
Video game.

3Super Dress-Up Ken BBBMediaVideo Games

Super Dress-Up Ken
Video game.

3Tee Hee InteractiveBBBMediaVideo Games

Tee Hee Interactive
GT Interactive parody.

4The Cleveland Browns in Ready 2 Fumble BBBMediaVideo Games

The Cleveland Browns in Ready 2 Fumble
Ready 2 Rumble parody.

3Vigilante 8: Yankees 5 BBBMediaVideo Games

Vigilante 8: Yankees 5
Vigilante 8 parody.

3Virtua Rock Climbing BBBMediaVideo Games

Virtua Rock Climbing
Video game. Parody of Virtua Fighter.

3You're O-Kom, I'm O-KomBBBMediaVideo Games

You're O-Kom, I'm O-Kom
Eurocom parody.

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