Film 1978. Written by Robert Awad. Directed by Robert Awad. Starring Lorna Brown, Richard Comar, Ian De Voy.
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Total Records: 16 - Medium: FILM / Group: DATES / Category: 20TH CENTURY: 60S / Subcategory: EVENTS
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1960 - 64 years ago
1July 2, 1960 20th Century: 60sEvents

July 2, 1960
Professor Pierre Van Bruegen finishes working on the delicate electronic device that would become known as the manipuload, which he believed had been intended for therapeutic use only.

1964 - 60 years ago
3July 12, 1964 20th Century: 60sEvents

July 12, 1964
After watching her Bronswik television set, Edna Petty buys 22 bottles of Dora Salad Oil. When her bag bursts, the bottles plunge two floors down to the ground beneath. This event is considered the official beginning of the Bronswik Affair.

3August 1, 1964 20th Century: 60sEvents

August 1, 1964
After watching his Bronswik television set, Sam Brisket buys 28 tires from Capri Tires, even though he has no car.

3September 4, 1964 20th Century: 60sEvents

September 4, 1964
The National Institute of Excessological Studies starts examining the mysterious epidemic's first group of victims.

3October 22, 1964 20th Century: 60sEvents

October 22, 1964
After watching her Bronswik television set, Bernice Hemingway puts 18 jumbo size boxes of Zuk laundry detergent into her washer at one time, causing quite the mess.

3October 25, 1964 20th Century: 60sEvents

October 25, 1964
After watching his Bronswik television set, Tao Tushette buys 47 gallons of super at Andre's Self Serve Gas Bar, even though his tank only holds 12.

3November 16, 1964 20th Century: 60sEvents

November 16, 1964
Investigation of Bronswik television set begins.

3November 27, 1964 20th Century: 60sEvents

November 27, 1964
Nobel prize winning electronics expert Edwin C. Kwong begins his own analysis of the Bronswik television set. Where his colleagues failed, he succeeds, discovering the manipuload device, a highly sophisticated masterpiece of electronic design that causes a normal individual to display bizarre and irrational behavior.

3December 3, 1964 20th Century: 60sEvents

December 3, 1964
The powerful international Iconaki Corporation is implicated in the Bronswik Affair publicly for the first time.

3December 24, 1964 20th Century: 60sEvents

December 24, 1964
Violent demonstrations break out in several shopping centers on Christmas Eve. There are many arrests. Hundreds are injured.

1965 - 59 years ago
3January 1, 1965 20th Century: 60sEvents

January 1, 1965
After finding out the truth about how his manipuload device was really being used, Professor Pierre Van Bruegen writes a confession letter to his dog Fido, implicated the Iconaki Corporation in the Bronswik Affair, before taking his own life.

3January 2, 1965 20th Century: 60sEvents

January 2, 1965
Newspapers announce the sudden death of world famous scientist Professor Pierre Van Bruegen, after he takes his own life.

3January 28, 1965 20th Century: 60sEvents

January 28, 1965
A noisy campaign is mounted against Bronswik by a league of fanatics. Madness reigns. Hundred of Bronswik television sets are destroyed each day, along with some normal ones.

3February 12, 1965 20th Century: 60sEvents

February 12, 1965
The government orders a special cabinet meeting to deal with the Bronswik Affair. A solution must be found. Emergency measures are quickly adopted.

3February 16, 1965 20th Century: 60sEvents

February 16, 1965
The 37th regiment of the National Guard is mobilized. The troops are given special training on searching out and destroying the manipuload devices.

3April 1, 1965 20th Century: 60sEvents

April 1, 1965
The file on the Bronswik Affair is officially closed.

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