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Total Records: 14
Record Name
1Wildcats BACK TO SCHOOL 1986 FilmBBBSportsSchool Mascots

Northern University mascot - Grand Lakes University competitor in a swim meet.

3Wildcats WILDCATS 1986 FilmBBBSportsSchool Mascots

Central High School mascot.

3Wildcats [State University] 21 JUMP STREET 1987 TV SeriesBBBSportsSchool Mascots

Wildcats [State University]
Mascot for State University, the college where Captain Fuller, Penhall and Hanson go undercover investigating sports rigging and drugs.

3Wildcats [Windsor High School] 21 JUMP STREET 1987 TV SeriesBBBSportsSchool Mascots

Wildcats [Windsor High School]
Windsor High School mascot - the high school that Augustana High School plays when Penhall and Booker go undercover to investigate a coach after one of his students ends up paralyzed in the hospital.

3Wildcats [Ogdenville] THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesBBBSportsSchool Mascots

Wildcats [Ogdenville]
Ogdenville High School mascot.

3Wildcats [Springfield] THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesBBBSportsSchool Mascots

Wildcats [Springfield]
Springfield High School mascot.

3Wildcats KING OF THE HILL 1997 Animated SeriesBBBSportsBaseball Teams

Baseball team Bobby's team goes up against. Hank asks him if he's ready to kick some Wildcat butt.

4Wildcats CHILDREN OF THE CORN 7: REVELATION 2001 FilmBBBSportsSchool Mascots

Team name on stripper Tiffany's cheerleading outfit.

3Wildcats NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE 2001 FilmBBBSportsSchool Mascots

North Compton High School mascot.

3Wildcats SPIDER-MAN 2002 FilmBBBSportsSchool Mascots

Midtown High School mascot.

3Wildcats IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA 2005 TV SeriesBBBSportsBasketball Teams

For their community service, Dennis and Dee coach kids' basketball teams.

3Wildcats HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2006 FilmBBBSportsSchool Mascots

East High School mascot.

3Wildcats ANGER MANAGEMENT 2012 TV SeriesBBBSportsBaseball Teams

Charlie's daughter Sam's high school mascot.

3Wildcats WAYWARD PINES 2015 TV SeriesBBBSportsSchool Mascots

Hay-Pacific High School mascot. Bumper sticker on Ethan's wife's car.

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