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1Overlook HotelTHE SHINING 1977 LiteratureBBBTravelHotels

Overlook Hotel

2Overlook Hotel THE SHINING 1980 FilmBBBTravelHotels

Overlook Hotel
Hotel where the Torrance family spends the winter, Jack's job as caretaker.

3Overlook HotelMISERY 1987 LiteratureBBBTravelHotels

Overlook Hotel
Hotel from The Shining that Annie Wilkes mentions: Pomeroy was hitchhiking. He had a pack on his back. He said he was an artist, although I found out later he was nothing but a hippie dope-fiend dirty bird who had been washing dishes in an Estes Park restaurant for the last couple of months. When I told him I had a place in Sidewinder, he said that was a real coincidence. He said he was going to Sidewinder. He said he'd gotten an assignment from a magazine in New York. He was going to go up to the old hotel and sketch the ruins. His pictures were going to be with an article they were doing. It was a famous old hotel called the Overlook. It burned down ten years ago. The caretaker burned it down. He was crazy. Everybody in town said so. But never mind, he's dead.

4Overlook Hotel STEPHEN KING'S THE SHINING 1997 FilmBBBTravelHotels

Overlook Hotel
Nursing a life of sobriety and pulling in work as a writer, Jack Torrance takes on the job of looking after the Overlook Hotel, a large colonial building in a picturesque valley in the Colorado Rockies.

3Overlook Hotel EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS 2005 TV SeriesBBBTravelHotels

Overlook Hotel
Julius wears a uniform that says "Overlook Hotel", same name as the hotel from The Shining.

3Overlook HotelDOCTOR SLEEP 2013 LiteratureBBBTravelHotels

Overlook Hotel
Hotel from the Shining where Danny's father was killed.

4Overlook Hotel BIG MOUTH 2017 Animated SeriesBBBTravelHotels

Overlook Hotel
There's a framed photo of the Overlook Hotel in the principal's office.

3The Overlook Hotel THE DARK TOWER 2017 FilmBBBTravelHotels

The Overlook Hotel
Framed picture of the Overlook Hotel from The Shining.

3Overlook Hotel CASTLE ROCK 2018 TV SeriesBBBTravelHotels

Overlook Hotel
Jackie Torrance mentions: I had this uncle, though. He was a writer, too. And then, one winter, he just flipped his lid and tried to ax-murder his wife and kid at some fancy ski resort. And my folks will never talk to me about it. So I took his name just to piss them off. My real name's Diane.

4Overlook Hotel READY PLAYER ONE 2018 FilmBBBTravelHotels

Overlook Hotel
The hotel from The Shining, location of the second challenge.

3Overlook HotelDOCTOR SLEEP 2019 FilmBBBTravelHotels

Overlook Hotel
Hotel from the Shining where Danny's father was killed.

4Overlook HotelBILLY SUMMERS 2021 LiteratureBBBTravelHotels

Overlook Hotel
Bucky mentions several times - he owns land nearby.

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