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Record Name
1Michael Myers HALLOWEEN 1978 FilmOtherCriminalsSerial Killers

Michael Myers
Mental patient Michael Myers, who was committed to a sanitarium for murdering his babysitting teenage sister, escapes fifteen years later and returns to his hometown, where he stalks a female babysitter and her friends, while under pursuit by his psychiatrist.

3Michael Myers HALLOWEEN II 1981 FilmOtherCriminalsSerial Killers

Michael Myers
Michael follows survivor Laurie Strode to the local hospital, while his psychiatrist Dr. Loomis continues his pursuit of him.

3Michael Myers HALLOWEEN 4: THE RETURN OF MICHAEL MYERS 1988 FilmOtherCriminalsSerial Killers

Michael Myers
Serial killer Michael Myers returns to his home town of Haddonfield after escaping while being transferred from Ridgemont Federal Sanitarium to Smith's Grove Sanitarium.

3Michael Myers HALLOWEEN 5: THE REVENGE OF MICHAEL MYERS 1989 FilmOtherCriminalsSerial Killers

Michael Myers
One year after the events of the previous film, Michael Myers returns to Haddonfield to hunt for his niece Jamie Lloyd.

3Michael Myers EMINEM 1992 MusicOtherCriminalsSerial Killers

Michael Myers
To turn Halloween back to a trick-or-treat holiday, have Michael Myers looking like a liar, swipe his powers, replace his knife with flowers and a stack of flyers.

4Michael Myers HALLOWEEN 6: THE CURSE OF MICHAEL MYERS 1995 FilmOtherCriminalsSerial Killers

Michael Myers
Michael he stalks the Strode family, cousins of Laurie Strode, in order to kill his last surviving relatives, while Dr. Sam Loomis pursues him once more.

3Michael Myers HALLOWEEN H20: TWENTY YEARS LATER 1998 FilmOtherCriminalsSerial Killers

Michael Myers
Michael finds Laurie Strode, in hiding at a private boarding school in California.

3Michael Myers HALLOWEEN: RESURRECTION 2002 FilmOtherCriminalsSerial Killers

Michael Myers
Michael continues his murderous rampage in his hometown of Haddonfield, when his childhood house is used for a live internet horror show.

3Michael MyersHALLOWEEN 2007 FilmOtherCriminalsSerial Killers

Michael Myers
Michael stalks Laurie Strode and her friends on Halloween night.

4Michael MyersHALLOWEEN II 2009 FilmOtherCriminalsSerial Killers

Michael Myers
Michael continues his search for Laurie so that he can reunite with his sister.

5Michael Myers HALLOWEEN 2018 FilmOtherCriminalsSerial Killers

Michael Myers
Serial killer known as the Shape. Laurie Strode who prepares to face Michael Myers in a final showdown on Halloween night, forty years after she survived his killing spree.

3Michael Myers HALLOWEEN KILLS 2021 FilmOtherCriminalsSerial Killers

Michael Myers
Town in Illinois. After Michael Myers escapes from Laurie Strode's safe room inferno, Tommy Doyle rallies the town of Haddonfield to hunt him down.

3Michael Myers HALLOWEEN ENDS 2022 FilmOtherCriminalsSerial Killers

Michael Myers
The final showdown between Laurie Strode and Michael Myers.

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