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Record Name
1The Dragon THE EARL HAYS PRESS 1915 OtherBBBLiteratureBooks

The Dragon

3Dragon THE TWILIGHT ZONE 1959 TV SeriesOtherLiving ThingsAnimals

Machine caretaker Jeremy Wickwire tells the astronauts that there is one resident of the cemetery that is slaying a dragon.

4Dragon STAR TREK 1966 TV SeriesOtherLiving ThingsAnimals

Spock tells Leila that he saw a dragon on Berengaria VII.

5Dragon RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS 1983 MusicOtherLiving ThingsAnimals

The spirit of a dragon's tear is lovely at this time of year, the cave within your mountainside is deeper than it will be wide.

6Dragon FOXTROT 1988 Comic StripsOtherLiving ThingsAnimals


3Dragon THE SANDMAN 1989 Comic BooksOtherLiving ThingsAnimals

The sandman dreams of riding a dragon.

3Dragon THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesOtherLiving ThingsAnimals

Mythical creature from multiple episodes.

3Dragon FRIENDS 1994 TV SeriesOtherMiscellaneousTechniques-Music

When Phoebe teaches Joey how to play guitar, she explains that she doesn't know the actual names of the chords. But she made up names for the way her hand looks while she's doing them: Bear Claw, Turkey Leg, Old Lady, Iceberg, Tiger, Dragon.

4Dragon SLIDERS 1995 TV SeriesOtherLiving ThingsAnimals

The sliders fight a dragon - Quinn stabs it in the heart with a sword.

3Dragon SOUTH PARK 1997 Animated SeriesOtherLiving ThingsAnimals

The goal of the video game Heroin Hero is to chase a pink dragon through a magical enchanted forest while injecting simulated heroin.

3Dragon SHREK 2001 Animated FilmOtherLiving ThingsAnimals


3Dragon REIGN OF FIRE 2002 FilmOtherLiving ThingsAnimals


3DragonBALLS OF FURY 2007 FilmOtherQuotesQuotes

Dragon: May Wong's School of Table Tennis last 1,000 years. Or at least until the lease is up in August.

4DragonBALLS OF FURY 2007 FilmOtherQuotesQuotes

Dragon: This is not over yet, whitey!

5Dragon FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS 2007 TV SeriesOtherLiving ThingsAnimals

The guys watch a cartoon called Albi the Racist Dragon.

3Dragon COMMUNITY 2009 TV SeriesOtherLiving ThingsAnimals

Pierce: Tell me, Abed, are you familiar with the Amburg region of the Edelman river basin?
Abed: Of course I am.
Pierce: Then you'll know there's a reflecting pool with a very special amulet at the bottom of it. An amulet that allows the wearer full control over...
Troy: Draconis!
Abed: An all powerful red dragon.

4Dragon SUCKER PUNCH 2011 FilmOtherLiving ThingsAnimals

The girls must fight a dragon.

3Dragon RICK AND MORTY 2013 Animated SeriesOtherLiving ThingsAnimals

Morty tells Rick he'll cut class and fight robots with him if Rick gets him a dragon.

3Dragon THE LEGO MOVIE 2014 Animated FilmOtherLiving ThingsAnimals

Mythical creature in Cloud Cuckoo Land.

3Dragon THE LIBRARIANS 2014 TV SeriesOtherLiving ThingsAnimals

Flynn mentions: Magic is cool, till warring nations drown each other in tidal waves of blood or use dragons to burn cities to the ground.

4Dragon INSIDE OUT 2015 Animated FilmOtherLiving ThingsAnimals

Riley imagines that her new house might be a castle, with a dragon flying over it.

3Dragon ZOOLANDER: SUPER MODEL 2016 Animated FilmOtherLiving ThingsAnimals


3Dragon ONWARD 2020 Animated FilmOtherLiving ThingsAnimals

The Lightfoot family has a pet dragon named Blazey.

3Dragon SHANG-CHI AND THE LEGEND OF THE TEN RINGS 2021 FilmOtherLiving ThingsAnimals

The group escapes and goes to Ta Lo, which exists in a separate dimension with various Chinese mythological creatures. They meet Ying Nan, Li's sister, who explains the history of Ta Lo: thousands of years ago, the universe containing the village was attacked by the soul-consuming Dweller-in-Darkness and its soul eaters, but was saved by a Chinese dragon called the Great Protector who helped seal the Dark Gate to the Dweller's world.

3Dragon SPACE JAM: A NEW LEGACY 2021 Animated FilmOtherLiving ThingsAnimals

During the pitch meeting for the Warner 3000, LeBron is featured as Mr. Freeze going up against Batman, riding Game of Thrones' Drogon the Dragon and dressed in Gryffindor gear playing a game of Quidditch.

3Dragon THE SANDMAN 2022 TV SeriesOtherLiving ThingsAnimals

Mythical creature that the Siamese Cat encounters seeking counsel of the Cat of Dreams.

3Dragon HONOR AMONG THIEVES 2023 FilmOtherLiving ThingsAnimals

Ferocious beast.

3Dragon SHAZAM! FURY OF THE GODS 2023 FilmOtherLiving ThingsAnimals

The Daughters of Atlas guard the mythic Tree of Life in the Garden of Atlas, which grows golden apples that contain the seeds of life which gave birth to their realm, and is protected by the dragon Ladon.

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