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Romulan home world.

  • Garak: Ah, yes, the assassination of Proconsul Merrok of Romulus. Such a tragedy. I met him once, a few weeks before he died. I was working as a gardener at the Cardassian Embassy... my specialty was Edosian Orchids. Beautiful, but highly toxic. [Season 4 Episode Broken Link]
  • When Worf meets Kor, he mentions several of Kor's accomplishments, including his confrontation with Kirk on Organia, his attack on Romulus and his defense of the Korma Pass. [Season 4 Episode The Sword of Kahless]
  • Sisko and Garak's plan to bring the Romulan Empire into the Dominion war involves interrupting Senator Vreenak's diplomatic mission to Soukara - a key member of the Romulan Senate for the past 14 years, the secretary of the War Plans Council, Vice Chairman of the Tal Shiar and one of the most trusted advisors to Proconsul Neral - and showing him manufactured proof of a secret Dominion meeting discussing the planned invasion of Romulus on an optolythic data rod, created by Grathon Tolar in exchange for 200 liters of biomimetic gel. [Season 6 Episode In the Pale Moonlight]
  • Working for both Starfleet Intelligence and Section 31, Julian travels aboard the Bellerophon to Romulus, where he gives a seminar on Ketracel White at a conference. [Season 7 Episode Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges]
  • According to Garak, the predominant color on Romulus is gray - the buildings, the clothing - even the people, and their hearts. [Season 7 Episode Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges]

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