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Federation planet, Vulcan homeworld.

  • Kira mentions not being able to spare a runabout to go all the way to Vulcan to retrieve medical supplies for Bashir. [Season 3 Episode Defiant]
  • Jake's date Leanne mentions visiting the wilderness preserves on Vulcan. [Season 3 Episode Life Support]
  • Jadzia mentions meeting a Cardassian writer in exile on Vulcan. [Season 3 Episode Destiny]
  • Kor was the Klingon ambassador to Vulcan. [Season 4 Episode The Sword of Kahless]
  • Kai Winn asks Sisko if he can guarantee that Starfleet would use its entire fleet to protect Bajor even if it meant sacrificing other worlds like Vulcan, Andor, Berengaria or even Earth. [Season 5 Episode In the Cards]
  • Quark and Rom's mother Ishka, a.k.a. Moogie, is captured by the Dominion while traveling back from Vulcan to have her lobes raised. [Season 6 Episode The Magnificent Ferengi]
  • Benjamin Sisko: The Dominion has solidified its hold on the Kalandra Sector. They're trying to establish a supply line running through Betazoid space into the Argolis Cluster.
    Worf: If they succeed, they will be able to launch an attack against Vulcan.
    Benjamin Sisko: Starfleet's going to try to cut them off near the Tibor Nebula. The 7th Fleet will be engaging the enemy in the morning.
    Jadzia Dax: The 7th Fleet is still at half-strength. They took heavy losses at Sybaron.
    Benjamin Sisko: Well, let's just hope they get the job done.
    [Season 6 Episode The Reckoning]
  • Kira declares that, with Betazed in the hands of the Dominion, they are in a position to threaten Vulcan, Andor, Tellar and Alpha Centauri. [Season 6 Episode In the Pale Moonlight]
  • On their way to meet Cardassian operative Lasaran, Worf and Jadzia discuss their honeymoon plans. Worf suggests the Forge on Vulcan and mountain climbing on Andor. But Jadzia wants room service. Worf assumes she's talking about Risa, but she's actually referring to Casperia Prime, the vacation capital of the Horvarian Cluster. [Season 6 Episode Change of Heart]

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