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2019 - 5 years ago
1March 6, 2019 THE OUTSIDER 2020 TV Series21st Century: 10sEvents

March 6, 2019
Sisters eight year old Asha and ten year old Carolyn Williams found murdered.

  • Ash Wednesday. The boy that stole the van ditched it near Big Duff's Hangry 'Que restaurant in Dayton, while the Maitland family was there. [Season 1 Episode 2 Roanoke]
  • While in Dayton investigating the mysterious van's timeline, Holly looks for security camera footage near Big Duff's Hangry 'Que for March 6th - March 11th. [Season 1 Episode 3 Dark Uncle]
  • Holly learns from Angela Kelly that Heath showed up at the Landon Senior Center on March 3, even though he was on vacation, and that Heath's mother claims he was with her all day. [Season 1 Episode 4 Que Viene el Coco]
  • Date on Andy's notes for accused child murderer Heath Hofstadter. [Season 1 Episode 5 Tear-Drinker]
  • Holly Gibney: March 6th, 24 days earlier, the Williams sisters, Asha and Carolyn Williams, eight and ten years old, were found murdered in Dayton, Ohio. Based on DNA and eyewitness testimony, Heath Hofstadter was arrested and charged, but just as with Terry Maitland, credible eyewitness testimony and, gas station security camera footage put him 60 miles away at the time. [Season 1 Episode 6 The One About the Yiddish Vampire]

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