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Total Records: 15 - Group: BBB / Category: HOME FURNISHING / Subcategory: VACUUM CLEANERS
Record Name
1ACME Suck-O-Lux WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT 1988 FilmHome FurnishingVacuum Cleaners

ACME Suck-O-Lux
ACME branded vacuum cleaner from the Baby Herman cartoon Somethin's Cookin', that reverses into Roger Rabbit, blowing him up like a balloon.

2Autovac THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesHome FurnishingVacuum Cleaners

Automatic vacuum cleaner that comes with the Simpsons' new house in Cypress Creek.

3Century 5000 Vacuum CleanerAMERICAN STRAYS 1996 FilmHome FurnishingVacuum Cleaners

Century 5000 Vacuum Cleaner

4Dirt Scourge 2000 FRASIER 1993 TV SeriesHome FurnishingVacuum Cleaners

Dirt Scourge 2000
Daphne's new vacuum cleaner that breaks when she attempts to clean Martin's old recliner.

5The FloorMaster IDIOCRACY 2006 FilmHome FurnishingVacuum Cleaners

The FloorMaster
Stupid future Roomba that doesn't work very well - seen ramming itself into a wall at the hospital, repeating: "Your room is now clean"

6Hosemaster WINGS 1990 TV SeriesHome FurnishingVacuum Cleaners

Brand of vacuum cleaner with patented whisper drive that Joe buys.

7Hosemaster 2000 WINGS 1990 TV SeriesHome FurnishingVacuum Cleaners

Hosemaster 2000
The latest Hosemaster vacuum cleaner model - better than the one that Joe buys.

8iSweep THE JOEL MCHALE SHOW WITH JOEL MCHALE 2018 TV SeriesHome FurnishingVacuum Cleaners

Robotic vacuum cleaning device featured in the shorter version of Black Mirror called Mini-Black Mirror.

9Kirby Vacuum Cleaner ANT-MAN 2015 FilmHome FurnishingVacuum Cleaners

Kirby Vacuum Cleaner
There's a Kirby vacuum cleaner in one scene as an homage to Jack Kirby.

10Lightning McClean CARS 2 2011 Animated FilmHome FurnishingVacuum Cleaners

Lightning McClean
Lightning McQueen themed Vacuum cleaner sold in Japan.

11Mystic Vac VacuumUNICORN STORE 2017 FilmHome FurnishingVacuum Cleaners

Mystic Vac Vacuum
Vacuum cleaner that Gary mentions.

12Suck-O-MaticROCKO'S MODERN LIFE 1993 Animated SeriesHome FurnishingVacuum Cleaners

Huge driveable vacuum cleaner.

13Suction King Vacuum Cleaner THE BOB NEWHART SHOW 1972 TV SeriesHome FurnishingVacuum Cleaners

Suction King Vacuum Cleaner
One of Bob's patients sells vacuum cleaners.

14Thin Air Vacuum TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE 1984 TV SeriesHome FurnishingVacuum Cleaners

Thin Air Vacuum
Product that graphic designer Rick works on.

15Vac-u-bot THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesHome FurnishingVacuum Cleaners

Vacuuming robots in the gift bags at Lenny's party. Barts turns them all on at once, turns them to the 'Malevolent Sentience' setting and they attack the guests and ruin the party.

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