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Total Records: 11 - Group: BBB / Category: FOOD PRODUCTS / Subcategory: CANDY BARS
Record Name
1Apollo INDEPENDENT STUDIO SERVICES 1977 OtherFood ProductsCandy Bars

Candy Bar.

2Bawamba Bar IDIOCRACY 2006 FilmFood ProductsCandy Bars

Bawamba Bar
Food product in the stupid future. "When God is hungry he reaches for a Bawamba bar", "We'll tear your hunger a new one!", "Threateningly Delicious!", "Bawamba Bar: The Hunger Rapist".

3Biffo the Clown's Goooey Bar THE EARL HAYS PRESS 1915 OtherFood ProductsCandy Bars

Biffo the Clown's Goooey Bar
Candy bar.

4Bobby Bar PARKS AND RECREATION 2009 TV SeriesFood ProductsCandy Bars

Bobby Bar
New Sweetums product Bobby Newport, heir to the Sweetums candy fortune, gives away during his campaign.

5Cadbunny BOJACK HORSEMAN 2014 Animated SeriesFood ProductsCandy Bars

Parody of Cadbury.

6Cluster Fudge BOB'S BURGERS 2011 Animated SeriesFood ProductsCandy Bars

Cluster Fudge
Full size candy bar that the rich houses on King's Head Island give out for Halloween.

7Le Chocolat BOB'S BURGERS 2011 Animated SeriesFood ProductsCandy Bars

Le Chocolat
Chocolate candy bar from flashback of the Belcher kids getting banned from Fig Jam, the specialty food market on 3rd.

8Molar Eclipse ROYAL BLOOD 2011 MusicFood ProductsCandy Bars

Molar Eclipse
Chocolate candy bar.

9Mollow Bar THE EARL HAYS PRESS 1915 OtherFood ProductsCandy Bars

Mollow Bar
Candy bar.

10Nitro-Sweet ROBOT CHICKEN 2005 Animated SeriesFood ProductsCandy Bars

Chocolate candy bar.

11Nut Sal BOB'S BURGERS 2011 Animated SeriesFood ProductsCandy Bars

Nut Sal
Candy product made by Spratt's Sweets.

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