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Total Records: 16 - Group: BBB / Category: EDUCATION / Subcategory: SPORTS SCHOOLS
Record Name
1Bill Anderson School of WrestlingSPY TV 2001 TV SeriesEducationSports Schools

Bill Anderson School of Wrestling

2Blue Desert Skydiving School THE PRETENDER 1996 TV SeriesEducationSports Schools

Blue Desert Skydiving School
Jarod pretends to be a skydiving instructor in Hudspeth, Texas.

3Diamonds in the Rough in the Diamond Bas... BOB'S BURGERS 2011 Animated SeriesEducationSports Schools

Diamonds in the Rough in the Diamond Baseball Camp
Baseball camp that Gene attends, led by the Deuce of Diamonds, previously known as the Prince of Persuasia.

4Enfield Tennis AcademyINFINITE JEST 1996 LiteratureEducationSports Schools

Enfield Tennis Academy

5Foremost World-Renowned International Sc...MUCHA LUCHA 2002 Animated SeriesEducationSports Schools

Foremost World-Renowned International School of Lucha

6Globetrotter UniversityFUTURAMA 1999 Animated SeriesEducationSports Schools

Globetrotter University
Also known as Globetrotter U, located on the Globetrotter Homeworld.

7Knable Fencing Academy STAY TUNED 1992 FilmEducationSports Schools

Knable Fencing Academy
Roy opens his own fencing school at the end of the movie.

8Lightning McQueen Online Racing School CARS 3 2017 Animated FilmEducationSports Schools

Lightning McQueen Online Racing School

9Marina Sailing Charters & Instruction CAST AWAY 2000 FilmEducationSports Schools

Marina Sailing Charters & Instruction
Chuck Noland's sailing certification certificate.

10Pecos Parachute School FANDANGO 1985 FilmEducationSports Schools

Pecos Parachute School
The group sees a sign for a parachute school giving jumping lessons. Gardner cons the hippie-ish instructor Truman Sparks into giving Phil a free lesson. Phil is terrified but goes up into Truman's aircraft. However, he is carrying Truman's dirty laundry instead of a parachute. The boys try desperately to warn him from the ground without success. Fortunately, Phil is able to open the emergency chute on his stomach with much prompting from Truman by walkie-talkie.

11Professional School of Football SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE 1975 TV SeriesEducationSports Schools

Professional School of Football
Are you stuck in a go-nowhere, do-nothing job? Well, if so, this is your opportunity to start an exciting new career in the world of professional football, by enrolling now in the Professional School of Football.

12Ski & Sport BETTER OFF DEAD 1985 FilmEducationSports Schools

Ski & Sport
Ski School, Pool & Spa.

13Ski SchoolBUSYTOWN 1968 LiteratureEducationSports Schools

Ski School

14Stuntman Boot Camp BOB'S BURGERS 2011 Animated SeriesEducationSports Schools

Stuntman Boot Camp
Teddy signs him and Bob up for a weekend retreat to prove he's healthy enough for Bob not to cut him off of burgers.

15Tiger Woods Training SchoolBUICK 1903 AdvertisingEducationSports Schools

Tiger Woods Training School
From a television commercial.

16Umpire School THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesEducationSports Schools

Umpire School
After eating alien goo out of an asteroid that crashes in the backyard, Homer gets really hungry and goes looking for fat people to eat, finding some at Oktoberfest, the Facts of Life Reunion Tour, Umpire School and a store called Hawaiian Shirts.

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