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1The Breakdown Club THE BREAKFAST CLUB 1985 FilmPollsPolls

The Breakdown Club
Which character with at least 4 multiple personalities would you like to see as the cast in a remake of The Breakfast Club?
Malcolm Rivers (+ limo driver Ed Dakota, Vegas prostitute Paris Nevada, newlyweds Lou and Ginny Isiana, 80s actress Caroline Suzanne, motel owner Larry Washington, mute child Timmy York, his mother Alice and stepfather George, escaped convict impersonating a police officer Samuel Rhodes and his inmate Robert Maine) (Identity)
Moon Knight (+ Marc Spector, Steven Grant, Jake Lockley, Mr. Knight and the three superheroes that Moon Knight mimicked during Brian Michael Bendis' run - Spider-Man, Wolverine and Captain America) (Marvel Comics)
Elliot Alderson (+ Mr. Robot, The Mother, Child Elliot, the Mastermind and the Audience) (Mr. Robot)
Dr. Carter Nix Jr. (+ his sadistic father Dr. Carter Nix Sr., sleazy con artist Cain, scared little boy Josh and Margo, the nanny who cares for the other alters and kills anyone who presents a real or imagined threat to them) (Raising Cain)
Adam (+ the real priest Adam, wheelchair bound David Burnberg, metal band singer Wes, the Adam versions of Granny and Cara's daughter Sammy) (Shelter)
Kevin Wendell Crumb's the Horde (Hedwig, Barry, Dennis, Patricia, Jade, Orwell, Mary Reynolds, Luke, Heinrich, Samuel, Norma, Goddard, Bernice, Polly, Rakel, Felida, Ansel, Jalin, Kat, B.T., Ian, Mr. Pritchard and the superhuman Beast) (Split)
Sybil Isabel Dorsett (+ young French girl Vicky Scharleau, sisters Peggy Lou and Peggy Ann Baldwin, maternal Mary Lucinda Saunders Dorsett, writer Marcia Lynn Dorsett, musician Vanessa Gail Dorsett, carpenters Mike and Sid Dorsett, political Nancy Lou Ann Baldwin, listless Sybil Ann Dorsett, the baby Ruthie Dorsett, religious Clara Dorsett, fearful Helen Dorsett, vivacious Marjorie Dorsett and perpetual teenager the Blonde) (Sybil)
Tara Gregson (+ caretaker Alice, Vietnam vet Buck, angry teen T, the animalistic Gimme, 5 year old child Chicken, psychologist Shoshana Schoenbaum and violent psychotic Bryce) (United States of Tara)
Madison Walker (+ Dr. Elizabeth Barnes, patients Alexis, Grace and Margaret, and the Helper) (Waking Madison)
Alice Hudson (+ Iris, young child Zoey, Sarah, tough but wild Emily, Tammy and warrior Kristen) (The Ward)

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