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The dates are real, the events are not... well, except when fictional characters participate in real events, then the events ARE real, you know, kinda sorta, but not really, because they're different.
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  • 1957

    • January

      • January 10, 1957
        • Sam Barrows born - the computer programmer behind the TuneThief website, an illegal music sharing software that FBI Special Agent Jennifer Marsh investigates.

    • February

      • February 9, 1957
        • Date of birth on Darryl Zero's alter ego Harold Burges' driver's license, which Darryl shows when buying a plane ticket to Portland.

      • February 23, 1957
        • FBI agent Jack Willis born - Scully mentions his date of birth in an attempt to remind him that he's still Jack, and not bankrobber Warren Dupre. (Season 1 episode Lazarus)

    • March

      • March 2, 1957
        • Sam Beckett leaps into archaeologist Dale Conway, who has uncovered the tomb of Egyptian pharaoh Ptah-Hotep. (Season 4 episode The Curse of Ptah-Hotep)

    • April

      • April 12, 1957
        • Tabloid TV show Inside Access reporter Babe Bennett reads a passage from Preston Blake’s diary: "I am a volcano of lust..."

      • June 30, 1957
        • John Locke's Ex-girlfriend Helen Norwood born - date on her tombstone. (Season 5 episode The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham)

    • July

      • July 23, 1957
        • Future chess prodigy Beth Harmon taken to the Methuen Home Orphanage in Mount Sterling, Kentucky after her mother dies in a car accident on New Circle Road. (episode Openings)

      • July 29, 1957
        • Sam Beckett leaps into deep south lawyer Leonard Dancey, and must try a case involving a black woman accused of murdering a prominent white man. (Season 2 episode So Help Me God)

    • August

      • August 29, 1957
        • Sharon Dobbs born - TuneThief's neighbor whose WiFi he's using to host his illegal music sharing software that FBI Special Agent Jennifer Marsh investigates.

    • October

      • October 5, 1957
        • One of several times that Sam Beckett leaps into Lee Harvey Oswald, the man who supposedly murdered President John F. Kennedy. (Season 5 episode Lee Harvey Oswald)

      • October 6, 1957
        • Sam Beckett leaps into actor Kenny Sharp, portraying the television character of Future Boy, and must find a way to prevent his co-star Moe Stein, from being committed to a mental institution because of his "wild" theories about traveling in time. (Season 3 episode Future Boy)

      • October 31, 1957
        • Flashback to Halloween 1957. Kitty is handing out candy to the trick or treaters when she recalls Halloween 1957 when she learns she is pregnant with Laurie. (Season 2 episode Halloween)

    • November

      • November 9, 1957
        • Sam Beckett leaps into small town coroner Melvin, and must determine how a young, orphaned woman from Germany named Hilla died. (Season 2 episode Good Night, Dear Heart)

      • November 10, 1957
        • Physics teacher Nick Miller takes reporter Lisa Hansen go on a date to the 1950s, traveling from the present date of October 24, 1991 to the past date of November 10, 1957.

      • November 28, 1957
        • Sam Beckett leaps into Tyler Means, an old gunfighter who is spending his retirement days acting out scenes from his youth when he supposedly cleaned up the town. (Season 4 episode The Last Gunfighter)

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