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  • Books

    • The Hoax of Auschwitz
      • Book in the Aryan literature section of the Lawful Good Press, Scary Clowns operative Robert Wise's headquarters in Las Vegas.

    • The Illustrated Protocols of the Elders of Zion
      • Book in the Aryan literature section of the Lawful Good Press, Scary Clowns operative Robert Wise's headquarters in Las Vegas.

    • The Patriots Cookbook
      • Bomb-making book in the Lawful Good Press, Scary Clowns operative Robert Wise's headquarters in Las Vegas.

    • Secrets of the Invisible College
      • Book Jane finds in her classroom dream while staying in the Rose and Cross hotel room.

  • Cafes and Delis

    • Silverman's Delicatessen
      • Delicatessen where Jane meets with Annie Charles and Bob True regarding her next mission - Arlo Dexter.

  • Clothing Products

    • Mandrill (watch brand)
      • Brand of the watches that Jane finds in Arlo Dexter's briefcase.

  • Counselors, Psychiatrists and Therapists

    • Dr. Richard Vail
      • Prison psychiatrist Dr. Richard Vail interviews inmate Jane Charlotte, accused of murdering a man named Dixon.

  • Cryogenics

    • Ozmandias Corporation
      • Cryogenics organization that experiences a series of murders. Jane and Scary Clown operative Robert Wise investigate. One of their packages is called the platinum Lazarus plan.

  • Diners

    • Emma's Place
      • Diner in Siesta Corta owned by Jane's friend Carlotta's parents - the Diaz family.

  • Doctors

    • Dr. John Tyler
      • Doctor working at the same nursing home as Jane.

  • Drug Dealers

    • Ganesh
      • Jane's drug dealer.

  • Drugs-Recreational

    • X-Drugs
      • Drugs that enable human beings to do extraordinary things - like flying, teleporting, etc.

  • Lodging

    • The Rose and Cross
      • Hotel where Annie Charles and Jane stay while keeping an eye on Arlo Dexter.

  • Magazines

    • Model Train Enthusiast Monthly
      • Magazine Arlo Dexter reads in his model train hobby shop.

  • Newspapers

    • The Las Vegas Tipster
      • Las Vegas newspaper.

  • Prisons

    • Red Springs
      • Jail for violent sex predators that Dr. Ail mentions to Jane, where he conducts interviews.

  • Publishing Companies

    • Lawful Good Press
      • Scary Clowns operative Robert Wise's headquarters in Las Vegas.

  • Religious Organizations

    • Chapel of the Redeemer
      • Church where Annie Charles lives.

  • Secret Organizations

    • The Organization
      • Secret organization that fights evil, featuring the Bad Monkeys division that recruited Jane Charlotte.
      • Includes the Scary Clowns division.
      • Includes the Bad Monkeys division, for which Jane Charlotte works, that actually terminates irredeemable individuals.
      • Includes the Good Samaritans division.
      • Includes the Random Acts of Kindness division.
      • Includes the Catering division. Subdivisions include Black Helicopters, which arranges transport for operatives.
      • Includes the Panopticon division, also known as The Department of Ubiquitous Intermittent Surveillance, featuring the Eyes Only intel gathering program: "They aren't always watching, but they might be" and the Malfeasance subdivision, The Organization's version of Internal Affairs.
      • Includes the Cost/Benefits division, which makes the final call on irredeemable individuals.

    • The Troop
      • The Anit-Organization. Instead of fighting evil, they do evil.

  • Toys and Games

    • Mandrill (model train)
      • New model train featuring a monkey advertised in Arlo Dexter's issue of Model Train Enthusiast Monthly magazine.

  • Weapons

    • NC Gun
      • Organization weapon that causes death by natural causes. Jane calls it a lightning gun that can trigger stroke or heart attack in victims. How Jane killed Martin Whitmer - the Angel of Death.
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