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2008 Literature

 Fictitious Timeline 
 Fake events on real dates (8)
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  • 2001

    • September 21, 2001
      • Jane Charlotte wakes up in the hospital after being in a coma for ten days from being beaten with a baseball bat by Julius Deeds.
 Bogus Business Bureau 
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  • Secret Organizations

    • The Organization
      • Secret organization that fights evil, featuring the Bad Monkeys division that recruited Jane Charlotte.
      • Includes the Random Acts of Kindness division.
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  • Quotes

    • Jane Charlotte
      • Jane Charlotte: Next morning I was there, standing under the awning of a candy store where I used to shoplift Mars bars, and playing "Who's the Probate Officer?" with the other pedestrians. Despite the drizzle, there were plenty of prospects. A guy at the bus stop who didn't check the numbers of the busses pulling up. Another guy who 'd been there so long the newspaper he was reading had soaked through. A bag lady who had her forehead pressed up against a utility pole like she was trying to mind meld with it. A bored looking school crossing guard. My money was on the crossing guard.
  Trivia Questions 
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  • Trivia

    • The name of baglady and Bad Monkeys operative Annie Charles' son that drowned.
      •  Billy

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