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2018 TV Series

 Fictitious Timeline 
 Fake events on real dates (4)
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 Bogus Business Bureau 
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  • Airlines

    • Montego Airlines
      • Montego Air Flight 828 departs from Jamaica on April 7, 2013, arriving in New York five and a half years later on November 4, 2018. (Season 1 episode Pilot)

  • Bakeries

    • Orlando's
      • Ben brings blueberry scone from Orlando's. (Season 1 episode Reentry)

  • Jewelry Stores

    • Valero & Sons Jewelry
      • Ben helps a fellow passenger whose son is in jail, accused of robbing his employer. (Season 1 episode Reentry)

  • Schools-Medical

    • Edward Koch School of Medicine
      • Ben and Grace take Cal in for tests and then his oncologist tells them about a promising new treatment option. Later, Saanvi is welcomed back to work and learns that her research is now helping children. Filmed at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. (Season 1 episode Pilot)
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